Apple co-founder criticises iPhone

Steve Wozniak wozSteve Wozniak is well-known for his outspoken views. It’s not the first time he has criticised the firm’s products and now he’s at it again.

Known as Woz, Wozniak founded the Californian tech company with Steve Jobs in 1976. And, while it’s more than three decades since he left Apple, his views about Apple and its products are still highly respected.

And it will be music to Apple’s competitors’ ears. Speaking at Businessweek’s Best Brand Awards, Wozniak, who single-handedly invented the Apple I and Apple II in the 1970s, described the iPhone as “somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business.”

And he singled Samsung out for praise, adding: “Others have caught up. Samsung is a big competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products.”

samsung galaxy s3He said he was proud of how loyal Apple fans were to the iPhone, but added that “this loyalty is not given”.

It is the latest in a string of controversial comments made by Wozniak about his former firm. “Apple was just used to cranking out the newest iPhone and falling a little behind ant that worries me greatly,” he said last year. “It worries me because I love Apple.

“It worries me if Apple were to lose ground because they were making the same things they know how to make. Improving is not Apple-style innovation.”

Wozniak has also singled out Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system for praise, saying: “Just for looks as beauty, I definitely favour the Windows 7 phone over Android.”

The 62-year-old also threw his hat into the ring over Apple’s Maps App fiasco, speak out about his disappointment that he couldn’t Apple iPhone 5navigate by voice alone. “I was a little disappointed because I love navigation by voice with my Google phones, actually, since they always get it and are based on a better database.”

He has also previously spoken of Apple’s lack of innovation with the iPhone’s virtual personal assistant Siri.

But despite all that, Woz still said the iPhone was his favourite handset.

His latest comments sparked a mixed reaction on the technology forums. One user said: “Apple is the envy of the world. The brand name is more than Coca Cola. This is something Samsung can’t Woz with Jobseven dream of. It’s not only the phone but also the other products. Once you used an Apple laptop, you would never touch anything else let alone something with another operating system.”

But another agreed with Wozniak, and went much further, saying: “Apple is over-rated these days. They release too quick and at a stupid price for tiny adjustments. Pointless waste of money.”

Wozniak’s statement comes as Apple is facing troubled times. Quarterly results announced at the beginning of the year were a disappointment to investors.

Even though revenues were up by 18 per cent when compared to the previous quarter, flat profits led to fears that Apple was stagnating. The company’s shares fell by 11 per cent as a result and still haven’t made a significant recovery.

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