Apple has announced a new 128GB model

ipad 128It seems size really does matter when it comes to the updated version of Apple’s new iPad 4. So, if 64GB simply isn’t enough room for you to fit in all your apps, music and movies, then this gadget is aimed at you.

As consumers continue to abandon their laptops in favour of tablets, Apple has announced a new 128GB model. The new gizmo doubles the size of the iPad’s memory, a move that comes just after Microsoft announced it was launching the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

The new model will be available online and from Apple stores on Monday. But, that much storage space certainly doesn’t come cheap. The most expensive model, which comes with WiFi and 3G connectivity will have an RRP of £739 – that’s just £110 less than Apple’s MacBook Air laptop computer, showing Apple strategists believe the move from laptops to tablets will continue to gather pace. The cheapest 128GB model will be £639.

Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Philip Schiller said: “With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads and every day, they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs.”

The official announcement comes after leaked code had hinted that a new premium model was about to appear.

Rumours are also circulating that Apple is looking at an update to the iPad Mini, possibly by expanding storage options here too along with improving screen resolution.

At the moment, the iPad Mini has a non-HD display, which fits in with its marketing as a more affordable option, but with news that Google is gearing up to up the screen resolution of its flagship Nexus 7, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple updated the screen of its own seven-inch tablet in a bid to remain competitive.

ipad 128 picThe latest move comes ahead of the expected launch of the iPad 5, with images purporting to be the new generation gizmo leaked online.

The Californian tech giant will now be hoping that not only do consumers splash out on the new version of iPad 4, but that they fill up their gizmos with lots of content from the Apple store.

Tech forum users have certainly been excited by news of the launch. One said: “Awesome, I am so getting this! I keep on upgrading every year, but my 64GB model isn’t enough to store all my content. I cannot wait. I hope they increase the storage for the next iPhone 6.”

But the launch reignited the familiar rivalry between Apple and Android fans. One, who is clearly in the later camp, said: “Typical Apple, charging £300 for RAM available anywhere for £30,” and another added: “So how much more does the 128GB version cost to make than the 16GB? Well it’s more like £30 than the £400 difference in price tags suggests. Greedy Apple trying to fleece us again, but they aren’t alone on this scam as all producers of electronics that use flash memory do the same.”

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