Anne Heche Says Family Inspired new ‘Tickle Time’ Powder Sunscreen

The 43 year old actress Anne Heche is better known for her risque Hollywood roles, rather than looking after her family. But it seems that the Cedar Rapids mom of two, pictured alongside her adorable sons – Atlas, 3 and Homer, 10, has certainly been putting her brood first, especially when it comes to sun protection.

Evidently, Anne was having problems with applying regular sun screen to her boys, and wanted to find a more user friendly product that kids would have fun with. Anne was using La Bella Donna’s Mineral Makeup, which is both a foundation and a sunblock and she found that never had sun burn when she used it, but what about her kids?

She would cover them with sunscreen lotions that were cold sprays or oily, greasy creams that they hated. They protested every morning and squirmed away. James would be wrestling Atlas to get him protected, while she was arguing with Homer. It was miserable. What a terrible way to start the day! She needed a new ritual!

She needed a new sunblock for kids that was fun not irritating! So she started putting La Bella Donna minerals on her makeup brushes and giving them to the boys in the morning. At first they thought it was funny. They brushed the minerals on their face and started giggling. What a difference! When they got home from school at the end of the day, they had no redness and no burns. Could this be true? The kids put on sunblock and enjoyed it? Sunblock that was fun? Sunblock that stayed on all day? Sunblock that made them giggle? A new morning ritual was born. A fun new morning ritual! Anne started calling out, “Tickle Time!” in the morning and the boys would come running into the bathroom to put on their sunblock.

Feeling that she had hit upon something a little special, she collaborated with cosmetics firm La Bella Donna, and launched Tickle Time. Coming up with the name for her range was a no brainer as Anne found that applying the powder based sun protection made her sons giggle as she used the soft brush on them. And promoting the range of sun protection turned out to be a family affair as long term partner James Tupper joined Anne for the promo shoot.

Anne was pictured wearing simple make up and a tank top to promote Tickle Time and in an interview with Today.com she described how she came up with the original concept: “Everybody thinks [applying sunscreen is] a pain in the neck, and it doesn’t have to be,’ she added, “If you put on the creams it’s a little bit gooey and leaves them looking white.

If you put on the sprays it without a doubt gets in their eyes and then we have crying screaming children. Which we don’t want, we want protecting your skin to be fun.” In the advert, Anne is seen demonstrating the tickle brush which looks like huge fun and what a fabulous way of applying sun screen to your kids, and in fact adults! Talking about the name, she said: “I wanted it to be a toy, something fun for them to put on,” she told Today. “Homer and Atlas made me understand that this could be called Tickle Time, and I wasn’t kidding.” And if you are worried about the staying power of Tickle Time’s powder, then fear not as the Tickle Time website reassures that the SPF20 block lasts all day and is water-resistant.

Tickle Time comes in three different shades and you can buy it gender coloured in either a bright pink or blue portable container with a leak-proof brush. The product is oil and fragrance free and does not contain any talc, alcohol or other chemicals. This product acts as a natural barrier on the skin. It’s a product that is not absorbed into the skin. So, it also protects your child from absorbing anything harmful, including the chemicals in a swimming pool. This means that while you’re protecting your child’s skin, you’re also protecting their health overall. Tickle Time costs a reasonable $35 each and is available from the Tickle Time website. It was launched around a month ago and Anne says she is happy with the feedback she has received from parents who say their children are loving the new concept of Tickle Time.

Photo Credits: Tickle Time/Anne Heche

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