Animalised Skins For Apple Devices

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With everyone toting the same smartphones, the usual tablets and similar devices, you’ll want to make sure that yours stands out from the crowd.

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Customising your devices is definitely becoming the latest hot trend, with companies taking advantage of their clients desire to be noticed, whilst remaining unique.

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No longer is is good enough to simply own the latest smartphone or tablet, now you have to make it yours, and the canny creatives at The Mountain have hit on what is sure to be this years best seller for Apple skins – they have ‘animalised’ them.

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These super realistic cases are produced by the gadget experts at DecalGirl, and this covetable collection of statement-making protective covers is perfect for anyone who loves their Apple devices as much as they love animals.

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You can choose from domestic friends, such as the loyal black or chocolate brown labrador, a cute hamster or pick from two puffballs of feline joy, a white or grey kitty.

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For those who like their animals a little more wild, check out the black panther, the grey wolf, the big bear or that ferocious shark.

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If you love weird and wonderful there is a selection especially for you; have a look at the hairless cat, the orangutan, or the two pugs.

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The collection is available for Apple devices which include the iPhone 4/4s, the iPhone 5, the Apple iPad and the Apple iPad Mini.

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The phone cover protects your gadget from scuffs, scrapes and day-to-day wear with a thin, vinyl adhesive skin made of premium, made-in-the-US-of-A, automotive-grade cast vinyl and a special adhesive backing that smoothly clings to your phone without air bubbles.

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The skins give you full access to all ports, buttons, and camera, they also leave no residue when removed.

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Every skin is designed to perfectly fit onto the back of your device as well as the front border areas around its screen with no buckles, bends or folds.

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The Apple skins cost £8 for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and £11 iPad and £9 iPad Mini available from Fab.com

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