Animal prints for your home decor

Animal print home decor

Animal print home decor

Animal prints don’t have to be limited to your outfits and accessories now-a-days. Animal prints in home décor can make your interiors very exciting as well as striking. Your interiors can come alive with the robust flavor of animal prints and colors.

You can try a bear skinned rug on the floor without changing the entire room. You can benefit from the vibrant animal prints from furniture and textiles to the simple accessories like wall hangings, side table lamps etc.

You can also benefit your space by using accents in small quantities. You must stress on the fact that the animal prints should be made as the centre of attention. For those of you who like bold décor, you should go with large animal prints.

From large zebra stripes to scaled giraffe prints, it can be well incorporated in rug areas and furniture. To balance the boldness from the animal prints, you can pair solids and contrasting colors like the ottomans, pillows and side chairs. If you feel like your entire space might look like an African safari more than your living room, you can stay sophisticated with art work. You can go authentic with animal print paintings, photographs and modern sculpture!

For those of you who like the monochromatic color scheme but don’t want the boring look of black and white, animal prints is the perfect choice! You can seek attention with the zebra print style and add some color to the walls, flooring and window. This is the most preferred and modern twist to the monochromatic styling décor. For those of you who like some creativity and color twist, you go with the mix and match scheme.

A blend of patterns such as polka dots, stripes and animal prints is the trick here. You can mix the solids and patterns and unite them with neutrals to add beauty to the entire space. This will not only embrace comfort but also look very welcoming for your guests. A graphic zebra print looks panache with neutrals as well as a single bright color like yellow or fuchsia. The cheetah print is the perfect choice for a neutral-hued room.

You can work well with the animal prints blended with a palette of warm colors such as brown, beige and ivory. These will work well in your living room, dining area as well as bed room. However, for your kid’s room, you can go a little creative and colorful yet keeping well with the same pattern in the entire house. Ivory and beige aren’t the very sought after colors by most kids.

You can therefore use a zebra patterned zebra print rug and add urban landscape bedding to it layered with other colorful accessories. This will create a bright effect in the room which is beige-free! You can also add some animal soft toys to your child’s room giving the more animal effect which your children will love indeed. You can also try to keep the room simple with a giraffe print bedding and curtains while add a large painting of different animals on the wall. This will add more color to the bland room.

Animal print artwork

Animal print artwork

If you don’t want to change the entire furniture of the house and still add some refreshing and new look to your house, here is some advice. You can team up a simple off white or ivory colored sofa with a large animal print wall paper or wall hanging in bright colors.

You can also try with a group of individually printed wall hangings, such as one with cheetah print, one with zebra print, one with tiger print; which is same in the length and width and place them side by side on a black colored wall just behind your sofa.

This will completely revolutionize the simple look of your living room indeed! You can also make it look more natural with some plants around in the living area. For those of you who don’t get time to maintain the plants or don’t prefer plants inside the house, you can try with the plastic ones.

You can simply go with the large leaves in green color or even go with the flowers in bright and bold colors. This way indeed you can have a complete make-over to your house which isn’t very heavy on the pocket yet making your house completely revolutionized!

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