Animal Adoptions make great Christmas Gifts

This Christmas many people are looking for interesting and quirky gifts that will last for longer and mean much more to their recipients. One gift that is showing an increased popularity is animal adoptions. These gifts are typically given to children and teenagers, but as adults are becoming more interested in wildlife and conversation, animal adoptions are also being chosen in replacement for more material items. If you want to give an animal adoption gift, check our list of websites, to find the best one for the person in your life.

WWF Adopt an Animal


The WWF has been established since 1961, and is probably the best known animal charity, renowned for their work protecting endangered species. They offer animal adoptions from £3 a month, and not only does your donation help to preserve the animal, but their habit also. You have 12 animals to choose from, including Bengal tigers, lions, penguins, polar bears, pandas, elephants and dolphins. They are perfect to present as a present as the recipient gets:

  • beautiful cuddly toy of your adopted animal
  • gift pack which includes a certificate and photo of your adopted animal, a fact book about the species, bookmarks, stickers and a WWF ‘What we do’ leaflet.
  • You also get the Wild World magazine delivered 3 times a year, and regular updates on your chosen animal

Visit WWF.com for more information.

Born Free

born free

Virginia McKenna OBE and Bill Travers founded the Born Free Foundation in 1984, after they had starred in the classic film ‘Born Free’. Now their son Will Travers runs it, and it works to protect species, rescue animals and save lives throughout the world. You can adopt an animal from this site for as little as £2.50 a month. Animals you can choose from include tigers, lions, cheetahs, African or Asian elephants, gorillas, chimps, leopards, wolves, polar or moon bears and hippos.

When you join you’ll receive a gift pack with information about your chosen animal and you’ll get regular updates about the animal.

Visit Bornfree.org.uk for information on how to join.


adopt an animal gifts

Udopt are a website that feature animal adoptions from several well known charities, such as WWF, RSPB, The Aspinall Foundation and Guide Dogs for the Blind. This is an ideal site for those who want to sponsor or adopt an animal a little closer to home. You can sponsor a guide dog in the UK, help to keep Britain’s nature thriving by checking out the RSPB adoption pages, or give the gift of an animal adoption from the wild. So whether conservation is close to your heart, and you’d like to help keep the natural world a safe place, or whether you’d like to give an adoption as a gift, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Visit udopt.co.uk for information.

Paignton Zoo


You can make a real difference to a zoo in the UK by sponsoring an animal, and your money will help to keep it open and carry on the great work that they do. Their annual food bill is £300,000 per year and this includes a whopping weekly shopping of 800 lettuces, 20 crates of bread and hay by the tonne. They also have to contend with vet bills, heating costs and cleaning.

You can help by adopting a share in one of their animals for £35, or make it a special gift by buying an adoption gift box for £54. You will receive:

  • An adopter’s certificate
  • An adopter’s plaque near your chosen animal for 12 months. The adopter will receive this card for the fridge once the adoption has expired
  • A photograph of your animal
  • A year’s subscription to Zoo News
  • A fact sheet about your animal
  • One free ticket to the Zoo for each share purchased.

Visit Paigntonzoo.org.uk for more information.

The Living Rainforest


By adopting an animal that lives in the rainforest, you’ll also be making a huge difference by supporting the conservation work and help to support vital education. Many rainforest animals are threatened by habitat loss and over-exploitation. The Living Rainforest ensures that animals under threat receive the best care available and they also support the international breeding programmes for threatened species.

Adopt an animal and you’ll receive:

  • A signed adoption certificate
  • A free visit to The Living Rainforest to see your adopted animal
  • Your name displayed at The Living Rainforest
  • An adoption pack including a photo and information sheet about your chosen animal
  • A small gift item from the Living Rainforest shop

Visit the livingrainforest.org for information.