How to make your child’s nursery look like an antique room

Antique baby nursery

Antique baby nursery

It is every parents dream to give the best to their child. Every parent loves their child and wants everything best for them. They want to give the world to their children.

If you are the person with love for antique furniture and antique look then definitely you would want to make your child’s nursery look like an antique room as well.

Antique Baby Furniture

To give your child’s room a total antique look, you need to get antique baby furniture for the room. You need to have polished wrought-iron with mahogany hardwood and you will need to get vintage furniture, artwork and everything that’s needed in the room with a vintage theme to get the timeless and elegant vintage feel.

Antique Baby Crib

Buying an antique baby crib is an excellent idea to avoid all those furniture which have lead paint on them. This will be an amazing idea as it will not harm your baby and will avoid contamination and on top of that will give an antique feel to your baby’s room.

antique round baby crib

antique round baby crib

Round cribs are totally antique. They will add a touch of olden days. These cribs are made from wood which is stained dark. Some time white-painted is also used. These are made from wrought iron. Jen Klair Kids offer a very beautiful round crib which is definitely my favorite.

You can find different finishes and you can pair it with warm colors to make it look classier. Warm colors combine very well with rustic and antique golden shades. They look totally beautiful and elegant. Combination of white crib with colors like pinks and pale blue work wonders in any nursery.

Antique Authentic Wooden Dresser

It’s very important to have storage space in any nursery. Don’t we need storage space to keep our baby’s clothes, diapers, towels, baby products and toys? An antique theme in storage cabinets will go very well with an antique crib.  An old chest will be perfect for storing your baby’s toys and blankets.  An antique authentic wooden dresser can be kept in the nursery for your growing kid. Storage space consisting of few large and small drawers will be enough for a starter. It will be more than enough for keeping your baby’s clothes.

Antique Rocking Horse

Antique toy rocking horse

Antique toy rocking horse

Every growing child is crazy for a rocking horse. Children love to have a rocking horse in their nursery. They are fun and cool. You child will go and grab one in a store the moment he spots one. Children have a different fascination for these toys. They can’t just resist them. And to go with your antique themed nursery, what can be better than an antique rocking horse?  These antique rocking horses are wooden carved with genuine horse hair flowing manes and tails. These would cost you a lot on the other hand. But these rocking horses look beautiful in an antique themed nursery.

In an antique setting, many colors will go well. Warm colors, rich colors or soft pastel colors are all complimenting to this theme however; make sure you choose something which has a matte, eggshell finish. It will give your nursery more of an antique look.

Antique Rugs

Choose rugs that go with the antique theme. It will work great with the nursery. Install little antique finished chandeliers in the room above the crib to add style to the room. The light in the nursery should be connected to a dimmer switch, as it will allow you to get around in the night several times. Antique lamps can also be installed in the room with frosted glass. This will help in producing soft lights.  Antique lamps are a very good choice for an antique themed nursery. While thinking or decorating the nursery, consider genuine vintage prints when you are going to choose artwork. Choose artwork which has a personal meaning or you can also go with the theme to choose one.

Curtains and doormats should also be chosen keeping in the mind the antique theme. If you choose something different thinking of trying to be different on an antique theme, it might spoil the total look. If you are setting up an antique theme for your nursery then keep in mind that anything modern will totally spoil the look of your nursery. If you are working on a theme, work on it totally. Get everything according to that theme.

Antique touch always looks beautiful and elegant. Welcome you baby in a beautiful and elegant environment with style and class. And take the taste of the lifestyle our forefathers have lived with antique styles.

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