An Anti Gravity Chair would render you relaxed and calm

An anti gravity chair bears testimony to the new zenith reached by innovative engineering. The name may sound weird but scientifically speaking it does not defy Newton’s law. The name is inspired from its ability to create a sense of weightlessness. The chair has been designed in such a way so that it can support the human body at all the critical joints.

The anti gravity chairs were originally used in the space crafts as the astronauts needed to tilt back their body position to ensure their legs are at a higher level than their torso during the takeoff. This posture would help them withstand the tremendous gravitational forces exerted on their body as the space craft would break free of the bonds of the gravity of the earth with lightning speed. However these chairs are gradually becoming indispensable to the earthlings also. Long working hours coupled with minimum physical activity leads to various musculoskeletal pains and aches in various parts of our body and this trend is spreading  menacingly fast even among the younger generation.

As one sits on one of these chairs and gets inclined with his feet above his heart the compressive forces acting on his spine is greatly reduced which in turn maximizes his resting capability. Your suspicion would soon succumb to the realization that all the weariness and stiffness accumulated in your body after a hectic day have started to melt away. Factually you are getting more rest in a much lesser time. The anti gravity chairs usually have a padding of foam inside to cushion your body. These chairs are often touted as a great reducer of blood pressure. Some skeptics may consider this as a serious overstatement but the fact of the matter is when your legs are held higher than your heart your body posture would somewhat resemble the English alphabet ‘Z’  which in turn changes the pattern of blood circulation in your legs. This makes the job far easier for the heart as it no longer needs to overcome the gravitational forces that congregate blood in the legs. The heart can pump more easily now as the blood comes back to the heart from the legs by natural gravity.

People suffering from hypertension can use this chair to a great effect as it reduces the chances of developing heart diseases. This chair is also particularly helpful for lessening pain in the back, shoulder and the neck as over straining of muscles in these areas are checked to some extent. Some more claims like increased lung capacity and higher oxygen level in the blood are as yet to be verified but this chair is gradually getting a strong foothold in modern-day physiotherapy. However an anti gravity chairs should be carefully adjusted.

One fun-filled fact which may be perceived as a demerit is that people tend to fall asleep very quickly on this chair due to the high level of comfort!

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