Blake Fielder-Civil Fighting for Life After Drink Binge

The ex husband of Amy Winehouse, and partner of Sarah Aspin, Blake Fielder-Civil is said to be fighting for his life after a drink and drug fuelled binge it was claimed last night. Fielder-Civil, 30, was reportedly found choking in bed by his partner Aspin, after a drinking session, and was rushed by paramedics to a hospital in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

He has been placed in a medically induced coma and is currently on a life-support machine after suffering multi-organ failure. Aspin, who is 34, and the mother of Fielder-Civil’s 15 month old son Jack, told The Sun, she fears he may never wake up and that only last week they were talking about getting married. She said, “The doctors say they don’t know the prognosis. They said they put him in a coma to help him and due to infection.”

Ms Aspin said Fielder-Civil had been for an appointment with the Probation Service in Morley and then met a friend for a drinking session. Fielder-Civil, who has battled a heroin addiction, spent time in prison in 2007 and was jailed again in June after he was found with £4,000 stolen goods and possession of an imitation firearm.

He was on release from jail with a tag for two weeks before his final release. Upon arriving home Ms Aspin noticed he was slurring his words and he staggered before being put to bed. The next morning Ms Aspin woke to find him unconscious. She said, “I called the paramedics who were there within two minutes. They said he had swallowed his tongue and choked on his vomit. They were putting a tube in his throat and pumping oxygen into his mouth.

I was terrified. At the hospital I realised they were frantically working on him, trying to keep him alive. They said his left lung was not working and they were trying to clear it. They let me in to hold his hand after 45 minutes. I found out later that they did that because they thought he was going to die.”

Fielder-Civil’s friends have been rallying around him, including Yeya Jáuregui, who said yesterday that he was still in a coma and urged his fans to ‘keep on praying’. She said on Twitter, “Honestly, I haven’t read news about this but I have Blake on Facebook and all of his friends are concerned about him.” Regarding his drug addiction, Fielder-Civil said in 2010, “You wake up and you’re poorly.

Then you have to see somebody you don’t really like to pick up drugs (and) then perhaps you can function throughout the day. The nature of addiction is that you have to persevere in it, otherwise the physical sickness you get is unbearable.” Fielder-Civil married Amy Winehouse in Miami in 2007 but they divorced two years later. He was said to be the love of her life. Amy died in July 2011 from drinking too much alcohol. The coroner said she was more than five times over the legal drink drive limit. Only last year his mother Georgette Fielder-Civil admitted she was fearful for her sons health.

Source – The Sun

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