Amy Childs releases sixth collection to critical acclaim

Amy Childs was last hitting the headlines as she ran the London Marathon in full make-up, complete with glossy hair and perfect nails. Despite some people criticising her for supposedly not taking the race seriously, she managed to defy her critics and pull in a respectable time of 5 hours and 47 minutes.

The ex TOWIE star, who went to to open her own beauty salon, and has designed five designer collections since last year, is certainly going from strength to strength, as she finds her own particular style within the fashion world.

Amy Childs

At first, the designs by the 22 year old reality TV star were sneered at by the industry, but as her fanbase has grown and grown, the snooty types have had to eat their words, and some are even saying that this collection is her best ever, something that we whole-heartedly agree with.

Amy Childs - Rihanna £55

Rihanna £55

Amy has taken the classic trends of the last year and given them a summery twist, with what I have to say is the prettiest skater dress I have ever seen. The flattering skater dress has what could almost be described as a vintage floral print over it, but it really suits the trendy style. Amy has also reworked the maxi dress, including frills at the bust for more oomph and slits up both thighs for added sexiness.

Amy Childs - Rebecca £60

Rebecca £60

She has kept some of her best sellers, notably the lace dresses that featured so heavily in her winter collection, but she has removed the sleeves to give a more summery feel, and chosen bright spring hues such as orange and turquoise.

Amy Childs - Matilda £65

Matilda £65

What we love about Amy is she designs clothes that people actually want to wear, she models every single one of them herself, and they are totally affordable.

Amy said of her collection: “I work really hard on all of my designs and I want to be taken seriously as a fashion designer. It took us six months to do my Spring/Summer Collection. I have just been out to the Far East to look at fabrics with my designers and we are now putting the finishing touches to the Autumn/Winter Collection which I am really excited about.”

Amy Childs - Madeline £65

Madeline £65

So what does she think when she sees people wearing one of her items: “I get so excited seeing people out in my collection – I have just been out in Marbella and I saw quite a few Amy Childs’ Collection pieces. The other week I saw a lady on the train who was wearing my dress and she told me she was 65!”

Amy Childs - Sheridan £65

Sheridan £65

Proof that anyone can wear Amy’s clothes. Amy gets her ideas from people that she meets whilst she is out and about: “I am always thinking about my collection and how I can make it different. I take inspiration and ideas from what I see people wearing out and about. I want to cater for everyone – some of my dresses are below the knee and have sleeves for people who want to cover up a bit but I still have shorter and maxi dresses as well for day and evening.”

Amy Childs - Rochelle £60

Rochelle £60

Her favourites include her new maxi dresses amongst others: “I love the floaty maxi dresses like my Rochelle and the Rhianna skater dress for the daytime and the Giselle and simple, chic Faith dress for glam nights out,” she added: “I have also added in some really cute leisurewear and playsuits like Ashley and Nicole that are perfect for the beach that have gorgeous detailing on them.”

Amy Childs - Vivienne £60

Vivienne £60

Amy has an enviable figure, and after she ran the London Marathon, she took an interest in a more healthier lifestyle: “It’s so important to look after yourself inside and out. I’ve been criticised about the way I look and even been asked if I have had lipo. I want girls to know they can stay fit by eating well and working out. Since I finished training for the marathon I just do my fitness DVD three times a week. I feel really confident at the moment and think I have curves in the right place but I’m not too skinny.”

Amy Childs - Rachel Pink £70

Rachel Pink £70

You can purchase Amy’s collection online through her official website in her two boutiques in Brentwood and Basildon, Essex.

All pictures courtesy Amy Childs.

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