Amy Childs Releases Her New Fitness DVD ‘Amy Childs Fit In 30 Days’

If you ever wanted to know how Amy Childs, reality queen, model, original Essex girl and now clothing designer gets her body so trim and fit, you’re in luck. Queen of the Vajazzle and ex TOWIE TV star Amy has released her first fitness DVD which shows how she maintains her enviable figure.

Our girl Amy works hard to keep healthy, fit and toned and now she brings her own inimitable style to fitness. The DVD is featured in her latest TV show It’s All About Amy. Fit In 30 Days consists of fast-paced interval workouts designed by Amy’s personal trainer Drew Rush, that will strengthen the core and trim the upper and lower body.

Amy Childs, UK born model, TV Presenter and Reality Star, is bringing you a 30-Day fitness programme that will slenderize your body and get you fit. These fast-paced interval workouts are designed to give you a body just like Amys.

The programme is made up of five separate workouts that can be practised over a week and repeated over the 30-day period to give that super-toned and healthy physique. Workouts 1-5 touch upon every muscle, keeping your body guessing to promote changes. Amy will show you the moves and will challenge you to push through 100 reps, counting down from 40, 30, 20, 10 with 45 second breaks in between to shake off the burn. Amy tests you to defy your body by completing every repetition and every interval to achieve your fittest body in just 30 days! Amy keeps up the motivation throughout to encourage us to complete every repetition and every interval to achieve our fittest body in just 30 days.

And people who have bought the DVD are giving it rave reviews:

Shannon – Noticed a change already! Everyone should get this DVD, i love it! Thank You Amy!! :D

Kim Kardashian – Omg thankyou! This product is great.

GINGE ALDRIDGE – this DVD is just incredible, Amy really inspires me to take time out and do some exercise. she is a great teacher and really enjoy watching her work her body.

Sophie – This is the best workout DVD I’ve ever bought you can see the results within a week Thank Amy!!!

Fay Elliott – This DVD is absolutely amazing! Done 2 days only, already feel achy but it is doing a lot of work to my body! I love this DVD so much. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Xx

So if you want to say “Shut it” to your old body and get a new one in just 30 days, buy Amy Childs – Amy!

Amy says, “Thanks so much to everyone for buying my new workout DVD. It really does work, all you need to do is stick to it and you’ll get the most amazing results. It changed my body in 30 days and it can do the same for you. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Lots of love!” – Amy x.

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