Amazon’s Kindle Fire set for UK launch

Already available in the US, the Amazon Kindle Fire looks set to be released in the UK in time for Christmas.

The main draw of the Kindle Fire has to be its amazing price tag as Amazon is selling its first venture into tablet market as a loss leader at just $199.

Prices in the UK remain to be fixed, but retailers seem confident the tablet, which features a 7-inch 1024x600p resolution display and 8GB of internal storage, will hit the UK shelves within the next few months.

Currys and PC World have listed the Kindle Fire as one of their top tech Christmas gifts even though the tablet isn’t available yet to buy in the UK.

The Kindle Fire could be the first tablet to give the Apple iPad any kind of real competition. In the US, the tablet produced strong sales over the festive period by targeting the low end of the tech market. Now Amazon looks set to do the same in the UK.

So what can the UK expect when it arrives? Well, similar in size to competitors like the Blackberry PlayBook and Galaxy Tab 7.0, the tablet has the feel of an e-reader, with its rounded edges, matching Kindle’s other devices.

Although recent rumours have suggested the retailer’s first 7-inch tablet will never make the jump across the Pond, with the expected second-generation Amazon tablets tipped to be the first to arrive in the UK.

It’s unlikely though that the Kindle Fire will appeal to anyone who wants to store a lot of downloads as it has just 8GB onboard compared to the iPad’s up to 64GB. But for those who want a tablet for light usage and who don’t want to pay too much, it could be ideal.

The tablet’s battery life is around eight hours, compared to iPad’s ten. And, unlike its Apple rival, it won’t have an integrated camera. But it is much more than an outlet for e-books, with access available to Amazon Prime, a streaming service which plays host to 100,000 movies and television shows as well as 17 million tunes.

With the big guns on board, Kindle’s offering has already proved popular with critics and customers in the US. Top mobile players including Rovio and Zynga are involved, meaning Angry Birds and Words With Friends are available; social media’s major players Twitter and Facebook are offering their sites through Kindle Fire and you can also watch Netflix.

It would seem it’s all part of Amazon’s drive for global domination with the firm also said to be busy working with Foxconn to create its first Android-powered smartphone.

If it does arrive in the UK, the Kindle Fire is sure to be at the top of lots of kids’, and adults’, Christmas lists. Although, with Google set to launch its Nexus 7 Android tablet within the next couple of weeks, costing just £199, Amazon will find itself with competition for what arrives in those stockings from Santa.

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