Amazon removes zombie costume of paedophile Jimmy Savile

You would think that after the removal of the highly sensitive fancy dress costumes, stocked by Tesco and Asda, that featured a mental patient and a psychotic killer, online stores would have learnt their lesson.

Not so, as corporation tax dodging site Amazon proved today, with their disgusting Halloween costume, entitled ‘Dead Zombie Jimmy Savile’ went up for sale.

© Amazon

© Amazon

The retail giant, who caused controversy earlier in the year, when it was shown that despite having sales of over £3.35 billion in the UK in 2012, they only paid £1.8 million in taxes, decided that it would be a great idea for the Halloween season to remind victims and the public of the known paedophile Jimmy Savile.

This is an especially sensitive time for the former Radio 1 DJ’s victims, as Savile’s lies and boasts about his abuse were revealed by the police last Wednesday.

In one transcript, according to the Daily Mirror, Savile was reported telling a policeman that: “I’m waiting for midnight when she turns 16… so p*** off if you want to keep your job.”

Numerous charities have called for the costume to be removed, and Peter Saunders, at National Association for People Abused in Childhood, spoke for many when he said: “It is tasteless, senseless, and extremely insensitive. Nobody wants to remember Savile’s horrible face, particularly his many victims.”

Jimmy Savile © PA

Jimmy Savile © PA

Regular customers who shop at Amazon were also incensed, and demanded that the disgusting fancy dress costume be removed from the site.

The costume, which costs £14.99 and includes the paedophile’s blue tracksuit, trademark cigar, blond wig, sunglasses and white face paint, has since be taken off the site, but with no apology from the retail giants.

Savile’s abuse stemmed back as far as the late 60’s, and involved numerous accounts which were systemically covered by by institutions, including the police, as one officer reported an incident to his Sergeant but was told that the television star had ‘friends in high places’ and was ordered to drop it.

Savile, who died aged 84, was well known with the police in Leeds who were powerless to stop him because ‘he was well-connected’ and the officer said that he was notorious for liking ‘them young’. Savile himself said he had to brush off girls “like midges” at the BBC.



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