Amazon Fashion Delivery is here, but will it take off?

Amazon Fashion Delivery is here, but will it take off?

UK television watchers cannot have failed to have spotted the new adverts for Amazon fashion deliveries. If like me, you wondered what it was all about, let me tell you.

Amazon is probably best known for delivering books, DVDs and games, but now they have decided that there is a serious gap in the market for a quick and easy clothes delivery company.

Amazon has decided to step into this breach and branched out into fashion deliveries. But can a website, dedicated to practically everything on the planet except fashion, ever be taken seriously in the clothing world?

Well, there is free shipping, and there are the seven brands it has introduced under the Amazon trademark, which are Society New York, Franklin Tailored, Franklin & Freeman, James & Erin, Scout + Ro, Lark & Ro, and North Eleven. These brands have put over 1,600 pieces of clothing onto the Amazon site since this February.

So why the foray into fashion? Apparently it’s all about what the data tells Amazon, and the data told it that people wanted to be able to get reasonably priced clothing from a reputable website. It was this gap in the market that inspired Amazon to take a punt:

“When we see gaps, when certain brands have decided for their own reasons not to sell with us, our customer still wants a product like that,” said Jeff Yurcisin, vice president of Amazon Fashion.

At the moment, these labels are not available in Europe or the UK as “we haven’t made any announcements on this topic in UK or Europe” says a spokesperson for the UK site “and we don’t comment on future plans or speculation.”

The 30 second adverts from Amazon are featuring top models in designer brands we are all familiar with however.

Leggy models are shown in the adverts carrying Amazon boxes and wearing clothes from French Connection, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Levis, Lacoste, and many more.

Amazon has announced that TheBlondSalad.com, aka Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, (one of the most followed people on social media), as its European brand ambassador for Spring/Summer 2016. Chiara started blogging in 2009 and today collaborates with major fashion brands and designer labels. She is the creative director of her own shoe line and is recognized by BoF and Forbes as one of the most influential personalities of the international fashion world.

Clearly hiring Chiara means that Amazon is taking this fashion business seriously. As she says, to be on trend nowadays “you don’t need to live in a fashion capital of the world, have lots of money, or to be able to shop during certain hours”.

There are some people that will never feel quite right about shopping at Amazon for their winter collection, but if the price is good and the service doesn’t let them down, we think what’s not to like?

And Amazon and fashion do kind of go together in a weird sort of way. They have been linked before as Amazon sponsored the Met Gala at the Costume Institute in 2012. Whilst in 2015 Caroline Palmer, Vogue online editor, was hired as director of editorial and social.

It has collaborated with famed British designers Meadham Kirchoff, whose bright, colour-popping designs sparked an internet campaign when it was revealed they did not have the funds to continue designing.  It has collaborated with Solange Azagury-Partridge and managed to her infamous lip rings.

The great thing about Amazon clothing is that they are able to source from many different suppliers and therefore get a good deal for the customers. This often means the lowest possible price which can only be a good thing.

We say put aside any negative feelings and give it a try.

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