Should Amanda Holden’s autobiography No Holding Back reveal all?

noholdinghb-thumbNo one can doubt that TV’s Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden has had a tragic time in recent years, with a very publicized affair during her marriage to Les Dennis, the loss of her baby boy in 2010 and her near death experience during the birth of her daughter.

The former actress has now decided to tell all in her latest autobiography No Holding Back, which is a very apt title, as Miss Holden spills the beans on her previous marriage to Les, which is not very flattering to the comedian, and a claim that she as sexually abused by a well-known comic, during her marriage to Les.

With all these revelations, you’d think that sympathy for the TV judge would be at an all time high, but in fact, the reverse appears to be true. As people are commenting, via social media sites, that perhaps some aspects are just too personal for public consumption, and Ms Holden is just selling her soul just for the publicity and to keep a high-profile on television.

The book, which is being serialised in this week’s Daily Mail, includes detailed reports of her losing her baby boy, after having a bath and realising that the baby had not kicked for a while.

© Amanda Holden

© Amanda Holden

She also goes into explicit detail when she recalls the time she nearly died, after she had given birth to her daughter, in which doctors had emergency motorbikes bringing in extra blood, which lead to her having 26 pints in three separate infusions.

Her marriage to Les Dennis comes under particular scrutiny, as she recalls how the ‘grumpy’ comedian would only seem happy if he was in an argument with Amanda. She tells of the time when she and Les visited her Mum and Dad after they had moved to Devon and Les started a row, Amanda says: “Mum, as she always would, must have taken my side and as she and Nan walked off down the lane on their way to church, Les opened a window and shouted, ‘F*** off! F*** off, then!’ (Mum was devastated – she’d really wanted to make a good impression on the neighbours, and there was TV’s Les Dennis screaming obscenities out the window.)”

Apparently the worst argument she and Les had when during a restaurant meal in Soho, where Les supposedly kicked Amanda under the table and: “called me a ‘c***’. I told him I was leaving him and went outside, where he tried to stop me.”

Fans of the laid back comedian might find these revelations quite hard to believe, particularly after his recent appearance on Celebrity Masterchef, where he appeared to be a thoroughly nice man.

© Les Wilson

© Les Wilson

But Miss Holden then goes on to speak about a sexual attack, which took place more than a decade ago, while the actress was trying to reconcile with Les Dennis, and after her affair with Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey.

Miss Holden says: “During our first tentative weeks at trying again, we went to an event together and on my way back from the loo I was cornered by a famous comedian, who tried to kiss me and put his hands in places they shouldn’t have been. I was scared and tried to push him away, making light of it so he would leave without causing a fuss, but he wasn’t put off. As I tried to fight him off, I caught sight of our reflection in a mirror. My body went limp, and I just stood there as he groped and nuzzled me, observing myself from afar.”

But it is just these sort of statements that people are having problems with, as many are questioning the timing of this particular revelation, and more are wondering if the incident has only now been revealed to promote the sale of the book.

And there’s worse, as rather than provoking sympathy for Miss Holden, a great number of people are questioning whether there is anything she would not do to get publicity, and why she had decided to reveal such personal and intimate details of her life.

There are others of course, who would state that an autobiography should tell all, the person’s life story and everything that the writer has been through.

But what do you think? Has she revealed too much, or would you be disappointed if there were no personal details?

Let us know by using the comments box below.

You can preorder Miss Holden’s book by visiting her website.

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