All You Need to Know About Baby Cribs

Upon learning about the expectation of a baby, the parents immediately think about what is needed to prepare for this new little bundle of joy. It can be quite overwhelming to think of all the things that a baby will require but thank goodness there are nine months to prepare in every way that a parent can. One essential item that parents are going to need for their baby is a crib.

A crib is, essentially, a bed for a baby. It is necessary to have a crib for a baby for many reasons but the primary reason for a baby crib is to keep the baby safe while he/she sleeps. Placing a baby in a regular bed while sleeping is very dangerous and could potentially cause a lot of harm to a baby. Cribs consist of a mattress and a frame that extends up on all four sides of the mattress. These four sides of the frame are called side rails. The side rails are going to be the main safety feature of the crib because they prevent the baby from falling out of bed.

New parents will find much comfort in owning and using a crib for their new baby. Cribs can be used from the time of birth up until the child is about three years old. Some parents choose to transition their child out of the crib and into a regular bed long before they are three years old but a crib will typically support a child and meet his/her sleeping needs until they reach the age of three. Cribs are designed to cater to the needs of an infant at all stages of development. The mattress height is adjustable so that the parent can continue to keep the baby safe as the child grows.

When the child is an infant it is a good idea to keep the mattress higher up for the ease of getting the little one in and out of the crib. Not to mention, the baby is very small and not too mobile at this point so there is no worry that the child will attempt to get out of the crib. As the child develops, however, it will become necessary to lower the crib mattress to further protect the child from injury. As the child becomes more mobile, he/she may want to try to get out of the crib when mom and dad do not want him/her to. Adjusting the mattress is a very valuable safety option with a crib. Cribs are an essential piece of furniture to have for a new baby. Parents will get much use out of a crib and will feel at ease with the safety that a crib will provide for the baby.

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