All-Around Media Device: The Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a media and computing device that you can bring with you anywhere because of its portability in terms of size and weight.  It can connect to the internet through wi-fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity.  Its battery life is estimated to be at 13 hours and it has a vivid LCD screen that can be used to watch movies or videos, play games, browse the internet and many more.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab weighs only about 13 ounces and is only about 7 inches so it can easily fit in one’s bag or even pocket.  It has a virtual keyboard with Swype technology which helps in typing up e-mails or messages.  This device runs on the Android’s Froyo operating system and can browse content using Adobe Flash.  It is also integrated with helpful services such as Google Maps and YouTube.  You can also search for and download thousands of new applications for this device through the Android Market.

If you are into social networking, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab might just be the best device for you.  You will be able to easily access Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and be connected to your friends and family anywhere you go.  There is also a media hub application which gives you instant access to a lot of movies and television shows and download them for viewing on your device.  You can also use it to read electronic books, magazines and newspapers with the pre-loaded Amazon Kindle application.  You can also access your office documents and even create new ones by using the ThinkFree Office programs which is also compatible with the Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and even PowerPoint.  PDF files can also be viewed without a problem.

Like most media devices, it also comes with a camera to help you capture images and videos.  It has a rear-facing camera which you can use to take videos or pictures clearly with its 3 megapixel lens and flash.  The images you take can also be edited, manipulated and shared to your social networking accounts.  It also has a front-facing camera that you can use for video calling and recording and it also comes with applications such as Qik for easy video sharing.  If you want to relax, there are plenty of games that you can play using the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which makes it a versatile device for serious work and play.

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