Glam Up & Away – beauty kiosk selling beauty products at airports

Don’t you just hate it when you get to the airport, ready for the holiday of your dreams, and you realise that you have left your favourite mascara/eye-liner/lipstick/eye shadow palette at home? It’s forgetful incidences like these can seriously ruin the entire trip. But those clever experts at Benefit have come up with an ideal solution, a bus that is located at major airports, selling all your favourite Benefit products.

benefit bus - Glam Up & Away

The Benefit Bus, called Glam Up & Away, is actually a beauty kiosk, colored in eye catching pink, so that you don’t miss it, and stocks around 30 of the best Benefit products.

You’ll find all your favorites in the Benefit Bus, from primers, to tints, mascaras and lip stains. There is also a mini make-up kit for sale, with a little bit of everything inside. The kiosks feature a fun interactive screen, full of beauty tips and advice, before you make you purchase.

Benefit state that they plan to locate 25 of these beauty buses in America’s biggest airports, starting off with Austin, JFK, Houston, Savannah, Cleveland. and Las Vegas this fall. In fact, the beauty giant are so confident that their buses will be a success with travelers, they have launched a Glam Away party to showcase their bus this Friday from 11am until 1:00pm for passengers who have tickets and enter through gate 14 at Austin.

BenefitKiosk16x9The Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics, Julie Bell,. explained why the company chose Austin for the launch party: “At Benefit, laughter is the best cosmetic.

That’s why we chose fun and fabulous Austin to launch our glam up & away vending machines, she added: “It’s a busy airport with about 10 million passengers every year…and provides a feel-good experience with terrific shopping, top restaurants and LIVE music.

What better place to introduce Benefit’s playful, witty personality and instant beauty solutions to millions of travelers. The HUB of HOTNESS meets WOW on WHEELS.”

Perhaps another reason is the footfall of travelers through Austin, estimated at 9.4 million last year, with the airport generating $2.4 billion onto the surrounding Austin areas.

Benefit Cosmetics was established back in 1976 by founders Jean & Jane Ford. They are now based in San Francisco, California.

Here at Shoppersbase, being huge fans of the brand, we are hoping that the Benefit Bus comes to our UK airports in the near future.

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