Alexa Chung’s new make-up range for Eyeko sells out

It seems that everyone wants to create model and fashion icon Alexa Chung’s cat look eye make-up. The 30 year-old TV presenter and model launched her new make-up range for Eyeko yesterday at Selfridges, and practically caused a stampede in the shopping aisles!


Alexa launched her range for Eyeko and drew such a huge crowd of fans, wanting to buy her brand, that the store was on the brink of closing. We probably shouldn’t be surprised, as the gorgeous brunette has won the British Style awards three times, and has even had a Mulberry designer handbag named after her.


The British style icon was not just a big attraction for her UK fans, as apparently people traveled from as far away as Indonesia to have the chance to meet her.

Alexa’s new make-up limited edition range includes a thick nibbed eyeliner, so that her fans can recreate her signature cat flick eyes, and a voluminous mascara. She told the MailOnline: “I started doing this cat eye flick when I was about 17 and I do it every single day, so I’ve had years of practice. I do the outside flick first, just one line, then see if they’re even and level then I’ll just draw the rest in to match it but sometimes I do it too thick and have to start again; I am obsessed with perfecting it. My record time is about a minute and half on a good day.”


And the make-up muse has delighted her fans by designing a poster that gives tips on how to achieve her cat flick look, and features photos of her eye before, during and after eyeliner application. Speaking about her eyeliner, she said: “The nib is the perfect shape and size to give you control. It gives you the precision to draw on the perfect cat eye. It’s pitch black and waterproof so it doesn’t move even on the waterline. I love that it enhances my lashes each time I use it.”

The Alexa Chung products all feature the model’s quirky handwriting and drawing to decorate the packaging, and the products are all waterproof, as Alexa advises: “Creating a water resistant mascara was important for me because it’s almost always raining wherever I am! Also I apply make-up in the morning and hope it lasts all day and all night.”


And Alexa is not the only celebrity who loves to rock a cat flick look, as actress Thandie Newton says: “I’ve always been attracted to the strength of a sharply lined eye – it’s bold, daring, and can only be pulled off with a complete understanding of the drama in life.”

Chung worked closely with the founders and designers of the brand to create her limited edition products, and this was really important to her: “Often brands will want you to front them, but there’s no room to actually have creative input. This is something that really appeals to me, especially as I get older.’”

Alexa Chung for Eyeko will cost £35 per set and is available on eyeko.com and at Space NK

All images courtesy of EyeKo.

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