AGA’s biggest cooker ever

If good thing’s come in small packages, well AGA may just be onto a loser.

The famous range cooker manufacturer has announced the launch of its biggest cooker ever.

But, as the iconic brand’s latest offering is sure to appeal to keen cooks, those with big families and people who want a focal point for their kitchen, the new model is sure to attract plenty of fans.

The new AGA has five ovens, but can be added to with an extra module to take it up to a whopping seven ovens – enough surely for even the most serious of chefs.

With a roasting oven, a baking oven, warming oven, simmering oven and slow-cooking oven, it is certainly versatile.

The slow-cooking oven is perfect for dishes like shoulder or leg of lamb, steamed puddings, casseroles and stocks.

The new launch comes hot on the heels of AGA’s new iTotal Control, which can be operated remotely using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

With the same iconic cast iron designs as the rest of AGA’s traditional range, the new cookers create a statement in any kitchen and the slumber feature means they are warm to the touch, creating a cosy atmosphere in the most used room of the house, even when your oven isn’t fully up to cooking temperature.

William McGrath, chief executive of the AGA Rangemaster Group, said: “This is big news. The development of the five-oven AGA Total Control and iTotal Control completes a key phase in the development of the electrification of the AGA range and significantly opens up international markets, while also considerably growing the appeal of AGA in the UK.”

The classic British range cooker manufacturer will be hoping its latest innovations lead to a turn round in its fortunes.

AGA has seen its profits tumble by 60pc in the first six months of the year. The company reported half-year pre-tax profits of 1.6m, compared with 4.2m a year earlier.

The company believes the UK market will remain tough because of the slump in the property market.

In a statement, it said: “The onus is on new markets such as China and on raising market penetration in markets like North America, where our market position is not yet fully developed.”

It added that the success of newer models and its increasing focus on exporting would help it make up the financial shortfall.

While the AGA is a popular feature of British houses because it helps keep homes warm, a new design that can be switched off is selling well and should help drive growth in warmer climates.

The new innovations come as the latest part of a long history for AGA, which started in 1922 when blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr Gustaf Dalén invented the world’s first heat-storage cooker. After he was confined to his home when a failed experiment cost him his sight, Dalén was inspired to create a more efficient cooker for his wife Elma. He created a cast-iron cooker capable of every type of cooking at the same time, with its two hotplates and two ovens.

AGA will now be hoping new customers love its new ranges just as much as Elma loved her range cooker all those years ago.

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