10 of the Best After Sun Products that soothe sun-damaged skin

With temperatures soaring this August Bank Holiday, most of us will be heading outdoors to take advantage of the hot weather. However, some will indulge a little too much and their skin will suffer. This means that no amount of sunblock will help, the skin is now damaged and you need an aftersun product to soothe and start the healing process.

There are lots of different aftersun products, from gels to cooling sprays, creams and lotions. We have chosen ones that not only soothe burning skin but kick-start cell renewal.

Eucerin Allergy Protection After Sun Creme-Gel, 150ml: £10.13

After Sun ProductsSpecifically designed for sun-damaged skin, this is a gel that contains plant extracts including liquorice, and antioxidants which work together to cool, soothe and encourage cell regeneration. The product doesn’t contain any nasty irritants or perfumes so it is good for sensitive skin.

Ambre Solaire Hydrating Soothing After Sun Lotion, 400ml: £6.00

After Sun ProductsThis contains cactus extract which holds on to moisture and works to rehydrate your skin. It also soothes burning skin, helping it to heal.

Piz Buin After Sun Instant Relief Mist Spray, 200ml: £5.99

After Sun ProductsWe’ve all heard of Hyaluronic Acid, which is usually used for antiaging, but this is a mist spray for very damaged skin that helps to prevent peeling as well as cooling down the affected areas. We like this spray as severely damaged skin can be too sore to touch and apply a cream or lotion.

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Recovery Aftersun Lotion: £9.75

After Sun ProductsA super absorbent cream that instantly adds much needed moisture to dry and damaged skin. It contains No7’s unique peptides and retinol which boost skin renewal.

Weleda Edelweiss After Sun Lotion 200ml: £10.00 was £16.95

After Sun ProductsCooling aloe vera, nettle extract and organic olive oil all work together to provide hydration which soothes. This is more like a gel so it isn’t sticky like some creams and lotions.

Bioderma Photoderm After Sun, 500ml: £16.10

After Sun ProductsIt’s the moisturising glycerine that helps this after sun product sink easily into the skin. Ingredients include plant extracts such as ginkgo biloba leaf which reduce redness and nourishes dry and damaged skin.

The Rituals of Karma After Sun Hydrating Lotion, 200 ml: £15.50

After Sun ProductsAnother after sun product here that has been specifically designed to soothe redness and ease the soreness of sunburned skin. It contains organic white tea and ginkgo biloba.

Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Gel, 100ml: £4.69

After Sun ProductsAloe vera is used in many skin products as it moisturises, soothes and softens very dry skin. This gel, although not specifically marketed for sun damage, will help sunburned skin to cool down and add nourishment.

Ouai After Sun Body Soother, 114g: £20.00

After Sun ProductsThis is a foam that contains hydrating aloe vera, cooling cucumber and soothing rose hip oil.

Clarins Soothing After Sun Balm, 150ml: £22.00

After Sun ProductsClarins’ after sun balm not only helps to cool down hot skin it also boosts cell renewal and can help to protect against further skin damage. It contains moisturising aloe vera and watermelon and cooling sunflower extract.



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