Aerin Lauder: Can the heiress’ new make-up range live up to the family name?

Heiress to the family fortune, Aerin Lauder, has unveiled the first beauty accessories from her own lifestyle brand.

She may be in line to inherit the Estee Lauder legacy but it seems Aerin is not content to simply sit back and watch the money role in.

She has created her own line, which is simply titled Aerin, and features a make-up range which includes lipsticks, body cream, brushes, bronzer and eye shadows.

The 42-year-old said it made sense for her to use her expertise as she’s grown up in the beauty industry.

“If you think about it,” she said, “I’ve been in the beauty industry for 42 years. I mean it’s been forever.”

Aerin says she spotted a gap in the market for her new line, which she describes as pretty rather than beautiful, differentiating it from the main Estee Lauder ranges.

The products are just one part of Aerin’s larger brand, which also sells homewares and fashion accessories. She is also expected to launch a jewellery line, based on her legendary grandmother’s collection.

Aerin is tarketing her products at the “luxury customer who wants things made simple”. She added: “It’s about making it easy for the consumer and knowing what she is looking for.”

Her products have been developed after she says she was asked countless times about what she carried in her own make-up bag.

The Essentials collection includes a rose lip conditioner priced at $28 and a rose hand and body cream for $40. A pretty bronze illuminating powder is perfect for adding a healthy dash of colour and costs $45.

The Fall collection adds to her ranges with an all-in-one palette, costing $70, which features blusher, eye shadow and highlighter, all in feminine shades of pink. There’s also a lip gloss, at $30, which comes in either perfect nude for weekday, or sweat pea for weekend.

Explaining her inspiration, Aerin said: “I believe in the importance of beauty. I also understand the challenge of looking great while balancing work, family and home. With my own life as an inspiration, I created a collection that makes beauty effortless, stylish and easy.”

Currently style and image director for Estee Lauder, Aerin added: “The Aerin essentials collection is a carefully edited selection of the products I simply can’t live without and the Aerin colour collections follow the same approach. When I update my own colours each season, I update yours too. One of my favourite things is a unique floral infusion in each product which adds a special touch of luxury to the entire Aerin experience.”work, family, and home. With my own life as inspiration,
Whatever Aerin does next, it seems it will always be with her grandmother in mind. “She inspired me in every way,” says Aerin. “It was about having a truly beautiful experience in everything you do.”

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