Advice for Guys: How to Turn Your Love Life Around

It seems like no matter what you do, you just cannot get your love life going. You are a great guy but women simply don’t seem ready to give you a chance. You are not the only one, and you should know that there are things that you can do that will help you change the way things are turning out for you. You don’t have to settle for not finding love. You just need a little push and you will be on the right track.

You are looking too hard

If you have a mindset that you want to find love and you want it now then stop. Love is not something you can force, it will happen by itself. There are no deadlines that you have to meet. It happens many times that when you are looking for something the hardest is when you least can find it. Just think of those times when you lose your keys or any item that you need. You look all throughout and no luck, but once you don’t need it anymore you find it when you are not looking. It is the same thing when it comes to love. Relax, and it will eventually come to you.

Low Self Confidence

If you have not had much luck in love for an amount of time it shows. You may not think it does, but it is there. It is in the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you talk to women. Something triggers the low confidence in your system and it is hard to shut it off. Everything becomes routine. You can be the most successful guy in your company, and you have the best ideas, so you may be a champion at work, but the moment you stand in front of a woman your attitude changes. How do you fix that? Change posture, and walk confidently. Be a man with an objective chin up and quick steps, and put a smile on your face. A smile makes you a winner, losers never smile. You have to have enough confidence to ask her out, just remember the worst thing that can happen is that she says no.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

You have to learn to laugh at yourself. According to women a man who can laugh at himself becomes sexy. The reason they give is that if he is laughing at himself then he is confident enough to put his vulnerabilities on display. Learning to laugh at yourself does not mean be the butt of all the jokes, but a little something here and a little something there can go a long way. Remember women do say they want a sense of humor and that is no joke. Another important thing that must be addressed while talking about sense of humor is to share laughs. If she is smiling or laughing about something then laugh with her. Those are small moments that she will treasure.

Do Not Focus Only on one Girl

I know that you may have feelings for a girl, but you should already know if she is within reach or not. If she is not then you have to start thinking about all the other fish in the sea. You can try to fish with a spear or you can cast a wide net. Guess which fisherman is more likely to catch the most fish. That is not to say that there isn’t someone special for you, but how will you find her if you are focusing on one person and she just happens to be the wrong one. Look for the woman who will steal your heart, not for the one that could.


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