All in One Printer – Advantages & Disadvantages

Lexmark - All in One Printer Walk into any office and you will see an array of machines, from computers to fax machines, copiers and printers. Typically these days many of these single devices are being converted into a multi functional machine and will include all of the above in their workings.

But are they any good and is combining them into a one machine a sensible idea? We have looked at the advantages and disadvantages and weighed them up.

Advantages of an All in One Printers

There are many advantages of having a single multifunction printer.

Limited Space – obviously you will not need to have several bulky machines cluttering up your office or home environment if you have a multifunction all in one printer. All in one printers are ideal for home workers who have little space in their offices or studies and do not have the room for several pieces of equipment.

Single support centre – if you have a problem then you only need to contact one support centre. With several machines you need different manuals and contact numbers, with one machine you only need the one manual and one office to contact should a problem arise.

Maintenance Cost – Expense on an all in one printer is a lot cheaper from the initial purchase, as you are only buying one machine, rather than a copier, scanner, printer, fax machine etc Also you will save on a warranty for the one machine rather than several for each individually. Cleaning of this machine will also save you money over time as will the top up expenditures such as ink, as you can buy them all from the same place and save money on shipping costs.

Disadvantages of multifunction All in One Printers

However, there are disadvantages with all in one printers.

Lack of Quality – they generally do not have the same quality as stand alone machines. Some functions can be compromised in favour of another. You may be able to print quality images, but the scanner might be of poor quality or the printer might not be up to standard.

Limited Usage of the Printer features – furthermore, you may not be able to use all of the features at the same time. You cannot scan a document and print one together. You cannot send a fax message while your all in one printer is still printing.

Printer components failure dependences – if one function goes wrong then typically other functions cease to work as well. Plus you will have to send your all in one printer to the manufacturer to be fixed and you could be without it for some time, unless you have it under warranty which enables you to have a replacement sent to you.

So our advice is to buy the best quality all in one printer, have a long lasting warranty which enables a replacement to be sent to you if a problem with your machine arises and renew the warranty every time it elapses. This way you are getting the best quality of the all in one printers and safe guarding yourself against any future dilemmas.

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