Add color to your office wear

colorful office wear

Dressing for a day at office can give sleepless nights to most women. From morning to evening at work whether it is a week day or week-end, you can look perfect with the right fabrics, appropriate cut and fits. For those fresher’s at your new work place, you can observe how other people in office get dressed to obtain a general idea about the dress code at your office. The best trick over here is to pick the light weighted clothing which is made up of breathable fabrics. You can play around with the prints, patterns and fabrics depending upon the conservativeness of your office. However, you still have to make sure that you look professional. We women have this universal problem that we don’t want to re-wear our outfits, whether it is at work place or a casual party! This doesn’t mean that you have to spend all the valuable dollars that you are earning only on the wardrobe. You can go with the rule of wearing different outfits each five days of the working week at office. Most workplaces don’t allow nude arms, so you can wear your sleeveless tops and cover them up with a light weighted blazer. You can look very smart yet professional in a well fitted grey jacket and black pencil skirt that fits you perfectly! As for the footwear to go with it, always remember that you should never wear flip-flops to office. It is a complete turn off!

casual office wear for women

casual office wear for women

You can also try a black skirt or dress and mix and match it with a splash of color. You can also team it up with simple accessories to look sharp and refreshing. However, always remember that you should never over do the accessories. After all, you are going to your office and have to look professional. Besides, too much of accessories will make working condition difficult for you to concentrate and work. Picking out a dress from your closet for office isn’t as complicated as women consider it to be. The attire is as important as the job, but don’t let it bother you so much that you get restless nights. Of late, it has been observed that the more casual styles are slowly invading the professional work places. The corporate world has now gained access to casual styles seen with fancy outfits, lacy blouses, short skirts, leggings etc. However, most women consider such attire inappropriate at work place. The best dresses, business suits and sensible footwear can make you climb the corporate ladder. You might be endowed with the best communication and interpersonal skills but you need to have a proper image as well to succeed. As it is a common saying, the first impression leaves a mark on your persona; it is always good to play safe! You can go with the professional attires like pencil skirts, trousers, full sleeved formal shirts, long skirts etc. teamed with a blazer or cardigan. The most common colors for office wear are black, navy blue, off white and brown. However, you can add a dab of freshness to your office wear by playing with colors. You can go with shades that aren’t very loud but can add some spice to the boring bland shades of black and blue. You can go with other hues such as beige, fuchsia, turquoise, olive, rust, off-white, lemon yellow, tan, chocolate-brown etc. to name a few. Versatility and creativity is the key here. This doesn’t mean u step out in a printed maxi dress with your flip-on to office. However, it means that you can add some style to the boring office wear by trying out prints like vertical and horizontal stripes or tiny dots on your formal wear. This will make you look professional as well as smart and distinct. Never go for very loud shades like bright orange and fluorescent shades of green and blue. It will make you look out-of-place and over done for formal wear!

You can also accessorize your formal wear with a stylish branded hand bag and boots. You also try checking out the latest belts that can add the extra charm to your skirts and trousers. So this is the most apt way you can add some style and color to the boring and bland office wear which you wear routinely and other colleagues of yours too!                

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