Adapting Your Home for Your Large Collection

Many people enjoy collecting things; be they rare coins, teaspoons or tabletop gaming miniatures, they can be unwieldy in terms of interior décor. So how do you deal with them in a way that allows you to retain a clutter-free home that looks tidy? And without putting them in the attic where you’re unable to enjoy them at all!

The most self-evident method of coping with large collections is by getting appropriate storage boxes. Coin collections, for example, can be kept in special books made to store coins in a way that allows you to show them off beautifully when you want or need to, but store away just like conventional books and need nothing more than a spot in your bookcase. The same is true for virtually any collection and you may find that boxes can be stored in a cupboard or an out-of-the-way corner, within easy reach if you need your collection but easily out of sight to help you keep your home clean and tidy.

Another option is the display cabinet. Glass-fronted or even made entirely of glass, these allow you to display bits and pieces on their shelves so that people can see them and you can truly enjoy your collection. While this is a wonderful way to integrate your collection with your day-to-day life, it does require a lot of cleaning to keep it tidy; you’ll have to clean the display cabinets as well as the pieces inside on a very regular basis so as to keep it looking tip top and really enjoy your collection to the full.

Perhaps the best solution is something in the middle. Have a display cabinet or two to stick in a corner and clear some shelves on a sideboard, bookcase, orDVDcabinet. Use these shelves to display the pieces which are the pride of your collection, and keep the rest appropriately stored so you always have the entire collection handy and enjoy some of it on a daily basis, but needn’t worry about dusting your entire collection on a daily basis.

To dust small bits and pieces such as miniatures, you can use cans of compressed air instead of physically dusting them. The best way to keep them tidy is by giving them a big clean once a week and using a simple fluffy duster the rest of the time.

Having a large collection could be part of a hobby you enjoy or be simply about collecting something you enjoy a lot. If you store and display your collection appropriately, you will get even more joy out of it!

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