Adapting Your Home for Open-Plan Living

Open-plan living is a popular option and many people go so far as to alter their homes, knocking out walls and messing around with costly building measures to ensure they can enjoy this style of home. The idea is that an open-plan home allows you and your family to enjoy each other’s company even if you’re in different living areas of the home, and the idea is that the living room, dining room and kitchen are one big open space running one into the other. But what’s often ignored is the fact that open-plan living calls for open-plan decoration.

People tend to go for one of two options; either they decorate as though each section were a different room in the house that is unable to be seen from any of the others, or they decorate as if the entire space were a single room. Neither option makes the most of the available space and you should try and hit a middle ground that will allow your open-plan home to shine as much as it possibly can.

Complementary colours are essential; obviously you can see the living room space from the dining area and kitchen corner, so you don’t want to paint one of them bright blue and the other violent orange – your eyes would bleed after a few days! But sticking with a single colour would make for a boring space and the shade could become overwhelming or too neutral for your tastes. A better idea is to choose an accent wall and gently partition your open-plan area through the use of small bookcases or carefully turned sofas. You’ll retain the sense of space and togetherness you set out to achieve without ending up with a single, too noisy space.

If you decide on trinkets such as vases or knick knacks, try and set a theme you continue throughout; for example, a set of vases or statuettes of diminishing sizes can be scattered around the space, tying it together without regard for any differences in furniture style. This allows you to use the kitchen furniture you enjoy, a dining room table that doesn’t necessarily adhere to that style, and potentially a living room that’s slightly different again. As long as you don’t choose any colours that clash with your main colour scheme you’ll end up with a space that’s neatly tied together and leaves you a happy inhabitant.

Open-space living is a wonderful way to arrange your home around your family and keep everyone together even when they’re in different rooms. If you keep to these simple rules, you can turn your home into the open-plan house you always dreamt of without risking any nightmares.

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