Adapting Your Home for a New Pet

It’s always exciting when you decide to bring home a new pet. Dog, cat, rabbit, degu – whatever you’ve chosen to acquire will need a home adapted to its needs and you’ll want to ensure that your home stays the lovely haven you’ve grown used to whilst also providing everything your pet needs.

Don’t skimp on pet supplies. If you’re unable to afford everything your new pet will need, then now is clearly not the time to be getting him or her, so wait and put money aside for the supplies required and for vet care, which is invaluable in providing pets with healthy, happy lives.

You’ll need to be prepared, when adding a pet to your family, for a bit more mess around the house. Whether it’s cat hair being shed or a dog chewing on the sofas, a rabbit’s hay being kicked out of the cage or simply the necessity of cleaning litter trays; animals come with mess and you’ll have to make room in your schedule to accommodate it.

If you don’t have a cleaning regimen then now is the time to come up with one. Divide the different cleaning chores evenly over the week and do some cleaning every day. Making room in your schedule for a pet also means making room for things they need like feeding, exercise and attention. Again, if you don’t have the right space or time to dedicate to your pet of choice, you’ll need to see about reconsidering your decision and perhaps delaying the acquisition of said pet until you’re ready.

Many people just shove their pets’ supplies in wherever they fit, which leads to a cluttered look. Take some time out to ensure your pet’s accessories fit in and you won’t feel bad that your house looks cluttered. Dedicate a cupboard to your pet’s requirements and put unsavoury things like a litter tray out of public view. A well-placed cat tree can look very stylish if you pick a colour that goes with your interior décor, and a dog’s basket needn’t look like clutter if you open up a space for it so it fits in. This is also likely to help your dog feel more secure if it results in a protected space for it to nestle in.

Allowing caged pets some time to roam freely is a good way to help them bond and to allow them to get the exercise they need. If you’re worried about tiny messes, you can buy a blanket to spread over the floor, the sofa, and any other part of the room you’re concerned with. Simply wash it once or twice per week to keep it fresh and you’ve got a wonderful terrain for your pets to explore.

Taking on a new pet is a big responsibility. Many people find that they can make a bit of a mess of their home… But if you prepare adequately then your pet can fit into your house tidily and stylishly. You can then feel free to enjoy their presence and company rather than worrying about looks!

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