Accentuate Your Waist Like Celebrities Do

Unlike men, women do not have to wear belts just to support their jeans and trousers. A belt can be used in many other ways and celebrities like Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Olsen and Jennifer Lopez know that very well. Not only can a belt embellish a dull cardigan, it can also accentuate a small waist, making any woman appear slimmer and sexier.

Wear it with a dress

Dresses come in all sizes, lengths, colours, patterns and shapes. If you have an hourglass figure, stay away from empire-waist tops and dresses and they would conceal the best part of your body: your waist.

Opt for light-coloured A-line dresses if you would like to make your hips look smaller and wear a dark-coloured belt, preferably made of leather, around your waist. If you have a fit body, then you should definitely go for a tight-fitting dress and accentuate your waist with a belt in a colour that contrasts that of the dress.

Belt + Cardigan: A match made in heaven

A cardigan can make you look shabby and even older if you don’t choose a trendy style and, most importantly, a colour that matches that of the dress, shirt, t-shirt or top you wear under it. With a black cardigan, you will always make a statement, as long as you don’t pair it with something brown or dark blue. Checkered shirts, chiffon tops, short dresses and even plain white t-shirts are only some of the items you may wear with a cardigan and a belt. Even Michelle Obama has been recently spotted wearing a flowery shirt with a turquoise cardigan and a dark belt that really accentuated her waistline, making it appear slimmer than it actually is.

Combat trousers and baggy jeans shouldn’t be worn under a long cardigan for a very simple reason: cardigans are usually made of soft and flexible fabrics which, despite being very comfortable, tend to hide a woman’s curves, instead of emphasizing them. In order to transform a cardigan from a loose, comfortable, outdated piece of clothing into a trendy one, it is important to wear a chunky belt around the waist and either dark stockings, leggings or extremely tight jeans, to slim down and lengthen your legs without having to work out 2 hours per day for 6 months.

Always wear high heels

Stilettos, sandals, boots, gladiators, wedges: it doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear with your belted cardigan / dress / top, as long as they are at least 5,5” high.

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