About Halloween Festival Celebrated All Over the World

Halloween is a festival that is closely associated with all saints day and even considered as one in other parts of the world. The celebration brings about a sense of joy and happiness among the young people. The celebration came about as a result of the Samhain celebration which was originally celebrated by the Celtic Pagans to honor and mingle with the spirits of the dead. It is believed that on 31st October, the gateway that separates the living and the dead is broken and the consequence is people falling sick and crops failing to grow. It is for this reason that bonfires are normally lit so that carcasses bones are thrown in to the fire as a sacrifice for the dead. The celebration is usually marked in Europe and its origins as mentioned earlier can be traced to Celtics who believed in supernatural powers as honoring the dead. With time, the celebration has found its way to United States of America which is now considered as cult.

The celebration usually involved scary things such as wearing masks, telling scary stories around the bonfires. This has become so much popular such that people are now getting rich from the concept. Movie directors have created movies surrounding the Halloween theme as such a lot of people are able to take part in the celebration. In the beginning Halloween used to be known as All Hallows Eve but it has grown in terms of popularity up to what we now know. This celebration has been going on for centuries now all over the world and the celebration varies with the area it is being celebrated. In the 21st century, kids and young adults practice trick or treat by going to people’s houses dressed in scary costumes and ask for sweets, candy or chocolates.

The celebrations bring so much hype among kids because they get to dress up as their favorite creatures. Costumes include things such as skeletons, vampires, witches, monsters etc. The older people who knew the real meaning behind the celebration of Halloween, usually hung skeletons at the door steps to honor the dead and please their spirits; this in return will ensure that the dead protect the living from any harm.

One interesting thing about Halloween is that there is usually the pumpkin which is normally shaved in the form of a head and then a light is put in to replicate the head of a person. This is because the Celtics used to hang the head outside their doors. The pumpkin shaped as the head of human beings with lanterns was in the past used to scare off evil spirits. If b chance they believed that the evil spirits passed the pumpkin lanterns, then the local would use foods to appease the spirits so as not to harm them but rather to please them.

Many of the Halloween’s traditions is derived from ancient practice, Scotland for example uses the Halloween traditions to predict their future. In fact in the 18th century, most young people used this method to look for husbands and wives. It was initiated by first throwing two nuts in to a bonfire, one representing the person throwing it, and the second nut representing the person that they want to marry. If the nuts curled together then that meant that they were a perfect match. However if the fire caused the nut to separate, then that meant that they were not meant to be together.

There are various games that are normally played by kids during this day, games such as kneeling on a chair and kneeling forward on a basin full of water with a fork on the mouth they would then try to use the fork to catch the apple that is floating around in the water. If they were successful then they get to keep the apple.

That is how many people all over the world get to celebrate Halloween.

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