Abbey Clancy Launches New Lynx ‘Attract For her’ Body Spray

Temperatures may have been dropping to below freezing last night, but that did not stop Abbey Clancy, the wife of Premier League’s Stoke City – striker Peter Crouch, from making an appearance. And she certainly sent the thermometer through the roof, as she arrived at a party in London to celebrate the launch of the new Lynx body spray. Clothed in an electric blue bodycon dress that looked like it could have been sprayed on itself, Abbey showed off her immaculately toned body and if you did not know that a mere 10 months ago she had given birth to the couple’s daughter – Sophia Ruby, the dress would have told you! It was most unforgiving but Abbey certainly pulled off the bodycon look with no problems. She soon got the party started as cameras were snapping her every move down the red carpet as she strode in teetering nude coloured stilettos.

The whole point of the party was to launch the very first Lynx spray for women which is called ‘Attract For Her’ at a branch of Superdrug on the Strand and Abbey was chosen to be the new face of the product. The body spray went on sale yesterday and with Abbey, to celebrate its launch were around thirty other gorgeous models who camped overnight in the freezing temperatures to be able to bag the first body sprays that went on sale. Now I don’t know what you look like in the morning after a night out camping but it is certainly not as Abbey emerged, appearing in a black all-in-one cat suit, complete with bouffant furry Russian style hat and high heels with her very own muffler (is that what they still call those furry things you put your hands in when they get cold)?

The 26-year-old model made sure she was fronting the queue, outside Asda in Wembly, so that she could get her hands on a brand new can of the Lynx body spray. Well I guess there are some benefits of being a supermodel! And if the reaction from the male audience, who had appeared from nowhere in the car park was to be taken into consideration, we think that perhaps more than a few ladies will be receiving the Lynx body spray for Valentine’s Day! You can buy the new spray in most stores, chemists and supermarkets, but be careful of the reaction!

Lynx Attract For Her Spray 150ml- £2.99

Lynx Attract For Her Body Spray perfectly complements the male scent and is driving guys wild with its fruity, floral and woody fragrance. A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord. Lynx Attract For Him and For Her are packed with such irresistible scents that men and women throughout the UK will not be able to keep their hands off each other, creating chaos in everyday life.

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