A white cardigan? Style it right

Style your white cardigan over a pair of denims

Style your white cardigan over a pair of denims

A cardigan, in much simpler terms, refers to a sweater with an opening in the front, rather than pulling over the head. It is basically a knitted pullover that opens at the front, like the jacket or the coat, and has a closing system of buttons or a zipper. It is made by single-strand handwork usually worked out for the making of stockings, caps, etc.

The invent of a cardigan actually came up during the battle between the armies of the United Kingdom and Russia, for the Ottoman Empire somewhere in the 1800’s.The chief of the armies had made the long coated, woolen sweaters their dress, which today, resembles a long cardigan. Later, by the 1900’s, these long coats were shortened up, giving them a jacket form with collars and large-sized buttons, which gave it a smart but casual look. These jacket like cardigans were again given a modernized form by making them woven with loose fabrics and collarless necks. Today, we may even find cardigans with metal chains hung along the zippers, trimmed necks and fronts (lined with soft fabrics), and even pockets to some.

Cardigans, like the sweaters, are available in most of the colours. Of all, a white cardigan is perhaps the best of all choices. Being a fanatic to clothing, a cardigan is one of the classiest and soothing pieces of my wardrobe. I choose white cardigans to the dark sweaters more, because of two reasons. Firstly, this white cardigan is compatible for the late springs as well as the early summers and an ideal wear when you actually feel the need of a sweater, during the cold winters. Secondly, the unbeatable white colored sweatshirts give your attire a trendier look than the sweaters and compliment perhaps all outfits well.

By just buying a white cardigan won’t serve the fashion purpose. It is important that you style it right. You can try pairing your white cardigan with light colors at the bottom. It could be medium faded jeans or the dusty shaded Capri’s or even those light-colored pants. Skirts are also a good choice to team your cardigans with, however, skirts again should be chosen wisely. May be, a black one could give it a perfect look. Another option to pants could be a slim fitting hipster or long juggins.

Coming up to pairing the inner shirt, compliment your white cardigan with darker shaded tops.  You could pair it with shades like dark blue, black or even the darker hues of maroon. To the most, avoid wearing black pants and white shirts with white cardigans (as most girls in their teens do). This kind of pairing may not look appropriate, and of all, it is very common. And, when it comes to fashion something common is considered less fashionable.

You can make your white cardigan more appreciating and attractive by draping on a colourful scarf around your neck or putting on a long thick metallic chain hanging over your neck or tying large puffy balls of fur hanging around the ties of your tied neckline. You may also try leaving the upper buttons unbuttoned of the cardigan, making the underneath shirt peep out. Always try to keep your last button also unbuttoned to add-on to your style. The most important aspect of consideration is, whenever you plan to buy or wear a white cardigan, make sure you choose a cardigan of thinner and lighter fabric, as wearing a thick, chunky knit white cardigan may make you appear bulky.

Today, cardigans are even paired up with sportswear. This may not sound very proper to a style conscious. These cardigans are mostly paired up with fancy clothes, during the winters. These cardigans may not be very appropriate for a yearlong wear but they definitely add a stylish touch to your outfit on cooler summer days.

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