A Welcoming Hallway; Decorating Your House’s First Impression

Imagine stepping into someone else’s house for the first time. You look around, right? And what you see forms your opinion of the rest of the home. Now of course, the home could blow that first impression out of the water, but it has to be pretty dramatic to do so. So let your home make the right first impression by letting your hallway speak for it.

A problem many hallways have is that they are narrow, sometimes tall with it, and can be quite claustrophobic. This needs to be remedied; don’t use dark colours on your walls, and if there’s room for a sizeable mirror, this may also open up the space a bit. Don’t clutter the hallway up; a shoe cupboard and some coat hooks will do. Try to keep a small hallway from getting too closed-in by bits and pieces like bicycles. A tight policy on putting bicycles, wellies and other outdoor paraphernalia away is a good idea and will help you keep your hallway free and looking as spacious as it can.

If, conversely, your hallway is a bit too big, try to leave a healthy dose of space in the centre. A little ledge below a mirror or photo can provide room for a vase or a couple of knick-knacks that will help you prevent the space from seeming too cold and impersonal. Warm, welcoming colours are a good idea and a stand-alone coat rack can be a better idea than some hooks attached to the wall. It will eat up some of the abundant space and provide something to dress it with.

Providing a focal point for a very large hallway is a good idea. A nice stairway with a polished banister can do the job, but if that isn’t available (or adequately placed) you can try a tasteful statue to hip-height or so or a vase filled with fresh or fake flowers. A welcome mat can be a nice touch, as well, and sometimes a dado rail can bring the space in a little bit, making it appear a bit cosier. A chair, handy for people who wish to take their shoes off on entry and put them back on as they leave can eat up some space and, if you choose a nice one, provide some focus as well.

Making sure your hallway speaks for your home allows you to see to it that your house will be judged on its actual merits when guests arrive.

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