A timely reminder: The new Smart Watches

If you want to know the very second you get new email  or an incoming call, then Casio could have just the gizmo for you.

Casio’s new G-Shock GB6900AA is just a little bit Bond. Although while our favourite spy’s watches have done everything from print out messages from M16 to deflect bullets, Casio’s will simply beep to let you know if you’ve got a call coming in or you’ve just had an email message.

Called the G-Shock GB6900AA, it uses Bluetooth to connect with the latest Apple iPhones, the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

Some other smart watches have a touch screen or an e-ink display so this one is at the lower end of the new move towards ‘clever’ watches.

But, very handily, it can find your phone for you if you lose it by triggering a ringtone remotely and if the Bluetooth connection drops out of range, it will alert you to the fact you’ve left your phone behind.

If you’re travelling, there’s no need to change the time on your watch as you’re coming in to land either, as it keeps time information up-to-date with no need for you to adjust manually – very handy if you’re travelling across a few time zones.

Casio also promise that the battery should last around two years, even with Bluetooth connectivity of 12 hours every day, and it’s also shock and water-resistant so just last you at least that long.

The gizmo is currently on sale in the US for around $180 at selected stores, including Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

It’s not the only smart watch on the market though. Sony’s LiveView bills itself not as a watch, although it does tell the time, but as a “wearable wireless micro display”.

You get instant notifications, with live texts, Twitter and Facebook updates streaming straight through onto your wrist. You can also control your music with LiveView, using your gizmo as a sort of Android remote, that you can either wear as a watch or a clip. And, you can download compatible apps to customise your new gadget. The LiveView retails for around $78.

Another option that can connect to both your iPhone and your Android smartphone is the Meta Watch FRAME, which costs $199.

Its makers describe the new gizmo as “a classic look” that “gets contemporary functionality, further blurring the line between fashion accessory and technology.”

With Bluetooth connection, you can check your messages, see who’s calling you, control your tunes or check the weather forecast. Other compatible apps are promised, including Facebook and Twitter notifications and cycling and running apps.

A smart watch has also sparked a funding frenzy on Kickstarter. The Pebble, which communicates with your iPhone or Android through open-source apps was asking for $100,000 on the crowdfunding site. But, already, the gizmo has reached $1.5 million in investment.

Early investors will eventually get a Pebble for $115 rather than $150. The desire to invest certainly seems to suggest a high demand for smart, and wearable, devices.

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