A. Sauvage: George Lamb & Adrien Sauvage Launch Men’s Tailoring with a Difference.

When is a suit not a suit? When it is the promotional tagline of George Lamb and his business partner Adrien Sauvage’s new contemporary collection of menswear. The collection is called ‘A. Sauvage’ and the promotional campaign surrounding it is called ‘This Is Not A Suit’ or ‘TNS’. If all this sounds a little arty farty well, it’s supposed to be, as the campaign will feature different types of multi media such as photography and film clips to promote it. So how did the two chaps get together in the first place? We’ve all heard of George, snappy dresser and son of famed actor Larry Lamb, now enjoying a resurgence of interest in his acting career, thanks to roles in Eastenders and Gavin and Stacy. What we love about George is his insouciance towards his ever-growing grey locks, his quirky understated sense of cool style, and the effortless way he works as a presenter. But what do we know about Mr Sauvage? Well, apart from being a good chum to George, he is a stylist turned designer, formerly played basketball but at the age of 19 decided to turn to the creative side and became a stylist. He met George and they both agreed that they were bored with the current state of clothing for men in the shops, so thought they would turn their hands at filling a much-needed gap in the market, rather than just ruminating on the lack of suitable menswear. And so A. Sauvage was born, a contemporary twist on traditional tailoring. Think Savile Row but with a touch of Andy Warhol thrown in to add excitement.

The collection has been described as ‘impeccable tailoring which perfectly balances the line between classic and contemporary while the cool, off-beat hues bring a touch of quirky chic to timeless style.’ And with Sauvage designing the collection, business partner Lamb is perfectly placed to advertise it simply by wearing the suits, acting as ongoing inspiration and basically rocking up to celebrity parties, being his impeccable self. As for the actual suits, are they that different? Take a look and see what you think. Would you dress your man in one or could you see yourself wearing one if you are of the male gender? Would you be brave enough or are they just not that shocking to make you feel uncomfortable? From a woman’s point of view, I think they all look great. I especially love the shorter tailored jackets, even the double-breasted ones (which normally I despise), the contrast of colours with electric blue cords and a Brown Prince of Wales checked country blazers. The extra wide lapels on the jackets are a throw back to the 70’s, adding a quirky retro look, but still bringing the whole suit up to date with the brights of oranges and matching ties. I also like the fact that Sauvage has not added any fussy logos or labels; this just adds to the overall classy feel of the suits. You don’t have to shout about labels when the clothes are enough to make a statement on their own.

Another plus point in the collection is the way the gentlemen have chosen to promote it. Not having a singular collection that appears every season, but an ongoing range of clothing that evolves in an organic way. Sauvage himself has described TNS ‘an ongoing style project, not a one-off seasonal collection’. The range will not follow a traditional fashion sense of releasing collection after collection, it will be proactive and work on a supply and demand basis. Adding extra pieces as and when they are required. As Lamb has discussed before, although he does not work in an office environment, he still wishes to wear a suit but why should it be a boring office based one? The last word goes to Sauvage, who comments, “I want to start again with it [the suit] and turn it on its head. This line is about giving men options and clothes they actually want to wear.” I guess there really are times when a suit is not a suit. The A.Sauvage Collection is available to buy from Harrods and MatchesFashion.com.

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