A robot in your kitchen: Meet the latest little technological helpers

There’s no worse feeling than coming back home after a hard day at work only to be faced with a list of household chores that need to be done. But major advances in technology mean we can now all have what once seemed like science fiction.

While a mass production version of Rosie, the maid from the 1960s series The Jetsons’, has yet to come onto the market, there are lots of robotic household helpers to choose from. Here, we have a look at some of the best, and quirkiest.

iRobot Scooba 230

No one likes cleaning around the toilet but iRobot’s Scooba 230 really doesn’t mind. Costing £249.00, this floor scrubber uses a three-stage process to clean and kill germs. It neutralises up to 97% of common household bacteria and is suitable on sealed hardwood, tile and linoleum floors. It’s small too, so can get into all those hard-to-reach areas. You do have to sweep up first though as it won’t pick up dirt for you.

Samsung Navibot

Samsung’s Navibot vacuum cleaners have received favourable reviews compared to their competitors and are available in a basic model, at £399 or a premium version, from £449, which comes with a touchscreen panel and a scheduler that lets you program it to clean at a precise time each day.  If you set it to “auto”, the Navibot will clean a whole floor of your house – it can’t do stairs by itself – by moving to a new room each time it finishes in the previous one. If it runs out of battery, it returns to its docking station to recharge before returning to its last location to continue its task.


If mowing the lawn tops your list of least favourite chores, how about setting the Automower off before leaving the house and coming back to find the grass has been perfectly cut? You bury guide wires around the lawn’s perimeter, large trees and other obstacles to make sure this hybrid electric/solar mower does its job without bumping into anything. When the battery needs recharging, the mower returns to its charging station, charges up and then continues mowing. It also sends a message to your mobile if it runs into any problems. From £1,199.99 for the model which mows up to 500m2 to £3599.99 for the mower designed for commercial use.

iRobot Roomba 564 Pet

For those of you with dogs or cats that shed pet hair around the house, the 564 Pet can suck up dust and dirt, and brush all kinds of floors, all while cleverly avoiding obstacles in its path. Costing around £479, it should clean around four rooms with a single charge. It’s quiet too so it shouldn’t scare your pets while it whizzes around.

Robomop Robot Floor Cleaner

A purse-friendly option, the Robomop costs under £40. It has a rechargeable battery and will clean a 60 metre surface in around an hour. At only 8.5 centimetres, this low mop will get at areas you usually don’t clean yourself, like under sofas, beds and cupboards. You will, however, need to replace its cloths and filters to keep it working properly.

Whichever of these little robotic helpers you choose, they should do the dirty work for you, leaving your more time for yourself. Now all inventors need to do is come up with a robot to do the ironing.

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