A Review: Wogan’s Ireland: A Tour Around The Country That Made The Man

If you had to ask who has the most recognisable voice on radio, it would undoubtably be Terry Wogan, and this is why;  Terry Wogan has been leading broadcaster on radio and TV since the 1960s.

Up until his retirement in 2009, Sir Terry’s Radio 2 show Wake Up to Wogan boasted a regular eight million listeners (including the infamous TOGs – Terry’s Old Geezers), making him the most popular radio host in Europe. Terry Wogan is quite simply a national treasure.

Millions of people have tuned into his radio shows over the years, watched him entertain us on the Beeb in a variety of family based tv programmes, but do we really know what shaped the man himself?

If you ever wanted to know then take this deeply personal look from our Terry’s eyes at how Ireland has not only changed over the last fifty years, but also a peek into his childhood to see what shaped the man himself. Terry is undeniably one of our most loved TV and radio personalities, who left Ireland in the early 1960s after a childhood in Limerick (that was dominated by the Catholic church) and his early career in Dublin.

Written by Terry and as an accompaniment to the BBC tv series, soon to be broadcast, the book is fully illustrated with photos of stunning Irish scenery.

In the book Terry tours around Ireland, reminiscing on his past as he takes the trip of his lifetime, through pictures and the spoken word. He talks us through the changes that Ireland has seen, he rediscovers the rugged coastlines and the spectacular views that he loved from his childhood holidays, each journey throwing up more memories of his family and friends.

He revisits old haunts, and hooks up with long-lost friends, colleagues, and fellow ex-pats, enjoying the nostalgia evoked by these experiences. So if it was so idyllic why did he leave? He answers with a complicated response but reveals what led him to seek his fortunes elsewhere, and he also explains during the course of the book why he had to leave it all behind. Terry has always appeared to be the witty, loquacious raconteur of his time, but take away the cameras and the microphone and leave him with a computer simply to write, what sort of man will be revealed?

In this book you see the emotional, serious, investigative and thoughtful man, who by returning to his past has allowed him, and us, shows a more rounded and complete view of the man we all thought we knew so well.

This book reads as though Terry is chatting to you as an old friend. And as such it is wonderful that he has sought to comment, through his own personal history, on a land and country as beautiful, troubled yet peaceful as Ireland. To buy Wogan’s Ireland: A Tour Around The Country That Made The Man for only £4.99 (75% off) visit – thebookpeople.co.uk

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