A Review of 2011’s Most Interesting Interior Design Trends

The world of fashion and design are constantly changing. With each new year comes a new trend. If you are one who likes to keep up with the changes and design your self accordingly this article will serve as a quick guide. What better place to start then with the colour trend.

To get this information I turned to the colour planner Pantone. For 2011 their colour choice was “Honeysuckle”. This colour has been shown to be bright without the harsh affect of being too bold.

If you are looking for ideas of things to contrast with it, try using cool or pale pastel colours accented with the deep colours of iron and brick. It is predicted that in 2012 there will be more interior design taking place in the home in relation to organising space and more specifically the home office. The trend of many companies has affected this.

Several more people are working from home or starting home based businesses. This has caused a major need in redesigning the home so that it accommodates the need for work space in unison with everyday living. On of the main rooms that has merged is the kitchen. It is no longer separated from the rest of the house by walls. Most homes are coming with an open design where the kitchen just merges with the rest of the floor plans. Because of the trend of saving energy windows are becoming a major factor in interior design.

The windows in the houses going up in 2011 have been found to be larger and treated with the necessary insulation and treated for solar heat these windows are becoming the main source of lighting in the homes during the day. I did not include furniture in this article because regardless of the trends that is simply a matter of taste.

I will say however, that iron and metal based furniture seems to be the most popular among buyers, probably because it contributes to creating a modern and professional atmosphere. Regardless of the trends of 2011 go with your individual taste or better yet, start your own trend.

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