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There were times when women had to either opt for traditional methods to dry their hair or wait for long hours under the sun. Today, with changing times and much increased developments in technologies, a hair dryer is one of the most important products in a woman’s wardrobe. More than a desire, it has become a necessity.  Moreover, now you even get dryers of various types to meet specific purposes – from a basic drying aid to a styling option. The variations are again in the form of type, size and price. The good you invest in it, the long it gives you back.

Talking about a retractable cord hair dryer, it is one of the latest kinds of hair dryers, high on demand these days. It stands out from the rest of styles of dryer as it has a number of convenient operating features. But whenever you plan to buy a dryer, get it tested. Many of the major department stores offer a testing station where you can test the model you choose. If the store does not provide such option, you may want to check with the warranty provided.

Coming back to a retractable cord hair dryer, here are some features that these hair dryers have to offer –

  • These dryers are confirmed by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories). They have been stated as a safety for household and other similar electrical appliances with general requirements.
  • A perfect nozzle design that gives a concentrated air flow onto the hair.
  • This dryer’s speed is measured in watts, and more amazing, the wattage is determined by the hair type. Like if you have fine, thin and damaged strands, you could set up the dryer speed to the minimum range, and for medium, straight textured hair or the thick, wavy hair, you could set a higher speed.
  • It comes with two heat and two-speed settings, which is an advantage to you while setting your hair right.
  • It also gives you an advantage of the latest feature – the turbo charge. This is quite beneficial for all those who can’t spend too much time on grooming themselves.
  • Another unique feature of these dryers is that it has a cold shot button. This gives your hair a cool touch at the last when all the heating is done, making your hair get the perfect natural style.
  • Removable lint filter is provided inside the machine for the long run of the motor.
  • It has a long cord that eliminates the need of extensions. Also these dryers are an advantage for travelling and easy storage as they have easy folding handles.
  • Off all, these are retractable, just as the name says. They have retractable cord reels which bring in a double voltage option. You can plug-in your dryer with any kind of plugging, wherever you are.

You look for some of the top rated retractable hair dryers at amazon.com.

  • REVLON RETRACTABLE CORD HAIR DRYER: This dryer by one of the renowned companies, Revlon gives great features like one push button for cord storage, double shot buttons and a retractable plugging system.
  • CONAIR CERAMIC CORD HAIR DRYER: This dryer gives a powerful blow, around 1875 watts in speed. Also includes the features of a retractable cord, 3 heat settings and speed settings and even cool shot button.
  • SUN BEAM WALL MOUNT RETRACTABLE CORD HAIR DRYER: This is one of the latest brands of hair dryers. It provides features of speed settings, retractable reels and cord, cool shot and additional feature of Nite Lite.

Retractable hair dryers provide a great advantage to several women who are looking to add a glamorous touch to their look. These hair dryers are great when it comes to being functional. They are easy and highly comfortable to use. With just a press of a button, you get shiny, healthy and more manageable hair. The best thing is that they are a good investment. A retractable hair dryer from a good brand will last you years. So, save those extra minutes of drying your hair every morning and use a stylish alternative – the retractable hair dryer.

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