A quick fix for greasy hair

Have you got greasy hair but you don’t have time to wash it? Or maybe you want to freshen up your hair without the blow-drying and straightening palaver afterwards? If this sounds like a situation you will or have found yourself in, then dry shampoo is, and always will be the answer.

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Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is literally flying off the shelves of supermarkets and beauty shops, mainly due to the convenience of the product. In an aerosol can, dry shampoo has the ability to bring full, lifeless and greasy hair back to life, in just a few short, sharp sprays on the hair. Instantly leaving your hair feeling clean, dry shampoo is also scented, so your hair will give off all the signs of being washed, even when it hasn’t.

This quick fix beauty product is sold for an average cost of £7 per can, and comes in a handy size to fit in your handbag, gym bag, or your desk drawer at work. The Batiste dry shampoo range is fairly new out, and has proved to be extremely popular among the women of today. With all of us rushing around like there’s no tomorrow, it’s no surprise we can’t fit a daily hair wash in. But, at least now we don’t have to struggle to make it through the day because we’re worried people will notice our dirty hair. Batiste dry comes in different scents, including tropical, raspberry and original, and retails at £8. Sold in all good beauty stores, as well as many different Supermarkets, the product is easily accessible, without the need of traipsing around the shops trying to hunt it down.

With dry shampoos first making their appearance in the news during the 50’s, they are now all over it once again, as their popularity reignites. With celebrities, actors and actresses also reaching for the can, the popularity of the product is heightened more than ever before.

Don’t be fooled into thinking dry shampoos only do what they say on the tin, as they are also a great touch up for roots, as a result of them coming in all different colour shades. Simply spray onto your roots from a specified distance, and your roots will instantly become unrecognisable.

Other popular dry shampoo brands are: Tresemme, Klorame, Erdem, Dr Hauschka, and Bumble and Bumble, and the different brands available range from £6 at the very bottom of the price range, and about £40 at the top. However, they are all made from the same ingredients, typically corn or rice starch, and they are all much less chalkier than the product was in the 50’s.

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