A Posh Meal on a Budget

Food is a huge part of people’s lives, and has been since time out of mind. In the past, mealtimes were times when families got together and talked about their days, and in recent decades these times have devolved into plates balanced on laps in front of the television. Families often don’t talk anymore, and the importance of mealtime has shrunk away despite the continued importance of food.

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But with the economy the way it is, eating posh food can seem impossibly expensive. Why don’t you follow these tips and get the posh meal you’ve been dreaming of, for less.

A dinner party can be expensive to throw; between the decorations and dishes you may need to purchase, and the actual food and drink, the bill can run up quite high. A BYOB (or Bring Your Own Beer) party can be nice, but in some situations – such as when you fancy feeling posh – it’s not quite the vibe you’re going for. However, a potluck – which sounds very un-fancy indeed! – can be the perfect way to go.

Simply get together with a few friends and discuss a menu you all fancy. Divide the dishes amongst yourselves; the entrees can be made by one friend, the main course by another and the dessert by yet a third. You automatically bring all the serving dishes required and once everyone arrives you simply get the table set and you can all dig into a meal that is precisely as fancy as you like. Make a deal to bring a bottle of wine each, or keep it cheap with alcohol-free drinks all around. It needn’t cost the earth, but can easily be made into a fancy and friendly affair.

If you’re looking for some one-on-one time with your partner, but can’t afford to eat out at fancy establishments (or can’t afford a meal and a sitter), consider takeaway. Of course, at the idea of a takeaway you instantly think of greasy burgers and chicken in dirty cardboard boxes. But if you get your table set, bring out some candles, and dish up the food in your kitchen you can actually end up with a really romantic meal that feels both intimate and up-market despite costing no more than your usual kebab. Don’t forget napkins!

Keep your eyes open, too. It’s easy to start assuming that high-quality meals are well outside your budget, but if you save up your takeaway money, you could easily save enough money to pay for a night out somewhere fancy and delicious. For example, my husband took me to a Mancunian restaurant called Albert’s Shed last summer; the food was beyond amazing and including drinks, a meal including entrees and mains as well as drinks cost us under £60. That simply isn’t anywhere near the amount we’d expected to pay, and yet the quality was unbelievable!

So you see that thinking creatively and looking carefully to find the right restaurants can allow you the posh meal you were hoping for, for a fraction of the expected cost. Enjoy your meal!

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