A New Season for the X-Factor

The X-Factor is back, and Simon Cowell is, too. Along with his fellow judges, he is ready to make short work of wannabes and could-bes alike. And with the second half of the first episode airing tonight, it’s time to consider whether you should get a new television set-up.

The X-Factor’s success is down, no doubt, to a combination of traits. On one hand, the X-Factor allows us all to dream a little bit about what could be if we chose to reveal our hidden talents to the world; on the other hand, a healthy dose of schadenfreude aimed at the less marketable contestants makes it a very attractive show to watch. Combine these attractive factors with the insightful, hurtful, pithy and hilarious comments made by the panel of judges, and you’ve got some amazing television indeed.

But do you really want to watch it once and then discard it altogether? Perhaps it’s time to consider switching to a television package allowing you to record the series and watch it again and again as you please. Both Virgin and Sky offer these services, and recordable Freeview boxes are also available at this time. Finally, Virgin offers a TiVo service that may well suit your needs, as it allows you to series link for the future; in other words, when the next season of the X-Factor comes on, you’ll be set up beforehand.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Antonio Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger will be amusing and delighting the masses with a host of likely candidates available this year. Get ready to watch the second half of the first episode tonight and you’re sure to see why it’s important to treat yourself to the option of recording shows you truly love.

Even though the X-Factor is the type of show most people would usually watch once, it has great potential for re-watching. The amount of entertainment presented to you is unheard-of in terms of regular game shows, and certainly you can enjoy it time and time again, particularly if you dream of winning your own recording contract one day in the future.

So enjoy this evening’s show, and consider whether you want to hop over to a system allowing you to record shows you want to watch – and view them again and again! You could be making a change to your television-watching habits that will help you achieve a sense of freedom, convenience and entertainment you’ll never want to do away with!

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