A movie with a difference: The Steve Jobs biopic

He penned the adaption for film The Social Network, about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s meteoric social media rise, so was a natural choice to write the planned biopic about Apple founder Steve Jobs.

But the Oscar-winner has just revealed plans to take a more unusual approach this time round. The writer says he is intending to write only three scenes for the movie – each lasting half an hour and set in real-time.

Each scene will be set backstage just before Jobs makes one of his now-iconic product launch speeches.

The movie is being made by Sony Pictures, which bought the rights to Jobs’ authorised biography ahead of its release.

News that the movie was to be made broke in October just two days after the death of Jobs’, who was first diagnosed with a pancreas neuroendocrine tumour in 2003. He underwent a liver transplant in 2009 but resigned in August 2011 as his health continued to decline. In October, he suffered a respiratory arrest and passed away surrounded by family.

Now Sony is preparing to make a film about the life of the man who was often described as a “visionary” and credited with being the man who launched the personal computer revolution.

The film was expected to be an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, which was based on more than 40 interviews carried out with Jobs, but Sorkin has revealed he wants to take a rather different approach.

Sorkin said rather than simply relying on Isaacson’s work, he is carrying out his own research before completing the script, speaking to Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak along with others who worked with Jobs on the original Mac.

Jobs is renowned for the dynamic presentations he gave at new Apple product launch events. His charisma meant he was described as “the closest thing to a rock star in business”.

And his appeal was never more present than when he was launching a new device for Apple. Having already unveiled a raft of new gadgets, just as guests were getting ready to leave, he would utter “One more thing…”. His one more things have included such gizmos as the iPod touch and Powerbook G4.

His keynote product launches are perhaps what he is known best for. So, it is fitting that a movie about his life should be based on them.

“This entire movie is going to be three scenes and three scenes only,” said Sorkin. “That all take place in real-time. There will be no time cuts and each will take place before a product launch, backstage before a product launch – the first one being the Mac, the second one being NeXT, after he had left Apple and the third one being the iPod.”

But Sorkin and Sony’s movie won’t be the only one dedicated to Jobs’ life. A rival production, with Ashton Kutcher starring at Jobs is being made by an independent studio and is likely to released before Sony manages to get its film in cinemas.

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