A Man Bag is a Necessity too

Bags for men

Bags for men

Bags are a personal statement to a man’s sense and style. Don’t be hesitant to rock this new emerging trend. While ladies have classy hand bags to flaunt, men aren’t any way behind in this trend too! Men bags come in many forms and styles, such as the messenger bags, travel bags, backpacks, newsboy bag, tote, briefcases, camera bag etc. to name a few. The classic briefcase has undergone an eye-catching make-over and surfaced as the hottest fashion accessory for men. The briefcases have always been an essential accessory to carry papers and files, but today they are making a style statement for most men. There are many luxurious brands today that are rolling it out for men. They are no longer the age-old, boring and rectangular boxes any more. They come in innovative designs and top quality today. Elements like the buckles, lock, hinges, texture, fabric, leather exterior and practical interior and many other things completely enhance the look of the briefcases and bags. This makes the hand bags a timeless addition to any working man’s wardrobe indeed!

bag styles for men

bag styles for men

The bags today aren’t just a basic necessity for men; they are also a style statement. Considering the fact that they are a bare minimum, there is huge variety in terms of the size and other stuff to carry. Available in aluminum, hard leather, soft leather, goat skin, alligator skin, crocodile leather etc. there is a special line of bags in the market ranging from the plane ones to the more intricately designed ones. Though hard leather has been popular since ages, the preference is more for soft leather. The price of the bag greatly depends upon the quality, style and brand that you choose. The stylish briefcases and other bags have provision for ID cards, visiting cards, cell phones, wallets, papers, files, chargers, data cable, laptop, disks etc. to name a few items. There are zippers and small essential compartments for almost everything that is required and elementary. They have a shoulder strap, side strap, interior pockets and compartments. The bags are available in a palette of colors varying from regular to flamboyant ones such as black, brown, honey, tan, rust, violet, beige, green, cognac and royal blue, red, white etc. The new styles in bags keep updating every now and then, however the function of the bag is the most important aspect. Just like women carry hand bags with them where ever they go, even men today require hand bags. Women keep things like cosmetics, hand sanitizer, hair comb, tissue papers, mirror, pen, note pad, chocolates, sun glasses etc. in their hand bags.

While the professional women carry business cards, files and documents in addition to them. Similarly, men too require bags as a basic necessity just like women do. Any man of fashion will agree with the fact that bags have become a basic necessary tool as well as style accessory. It is no longer a solely woman’s item; hand bags are masculine, attractive and an ideal addition to any modern-day wardrobe. The messenger bags are often made from canvas and leather. They are swung across the shoulder and embrace a classic casual flair. It is no longer in the laid-back style and excludes an uptown sophistication to the person who carries it. The camera bag is a smaller version of the messenger bag. It is slightly longer and a rectangular bag. It is convenient for tourists as well as for casual usage also. The big, bulky luggage can be completely transformed into sleek and stylish carry alls. The most modern approach to the briefcases is a tote. It can be carried as business attire and adds a touch of masculinity to any casual work wear. The newsboy bag is synonymous with men’s casual wear. It is a perfect style statement for students. It exudes more masculinity than a knapsack does indeed!

The wide range of classic men’s bags bring a touch of masculinity to any outfit at the same time serve the whole lot of function of the bag too. So throw out the old idea that bags are only for women. It is the most necessary accessory for today’s modern man indeed!                   

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