A Look at American and Mexican Standard Fender Stratocaster Guitars

Fender Stratocaster guitars are among the most popular and the best guitars that have been used by musicians since 1954. In fact we see a lot of famous guitarists these days who can’t go without a Stratocaster or a ‘Strat’ in their performances. Although the designs have changed to include additional innovations, these guitars are still made of the same quality as when they were first released to the market.  Be it blues, rock, jazz, or even heavy metal, these guitars produce a great sound that can be appreciated by all music lovers and guitar enthusiasts alike.

There are several models of Fender Stratocaster guitars to date, each with a distinct sound but nonetheless excellent for playing music. Prices also vary according to model, but perhaps the most expensive ones are those that are of an older model. Proof of the success that the Strat is experiencing is the number of guitar manufacturers who have tried to copy its overall design and look.

As mentioned, Fender Stratocaster guitars come in various models, one of which is the Standard Stratocaster. This type of model is made in Mexico where Fender has its own manufacturing plant. It costs less than the other Strats but does not compromise on the musical sounds. If you are looking for a Stratocaster that is both worth the investment and the experience of playing rock n roll, blues, or perhaps doing a solo then the Standard Strat is for you.

For those who can afford a higher asking price for Fender Stratoscaster guitars, the American Standard Strat would be your best bet. It has high crystalline sounds on its lower end strings that cannot be found in the Standard Strat, which has a rounder sound. The American Standard Strat also sustains much longer than the Standard and as such can very excellent for solo lead performances.

Of course, having one of these Fender Stratocaster guitars is only half the work. What’s important is choosing the guitar that would work best for you as a musician. Constant practice and playing should be the norm without cutting any corners. These guitars are known for their excellent sounds and quality finish, but it is up to you on how you play your Strat. After all, guitars are instruments that re used to bring out the musicality in people. Fender Stratocaster guitars are one of the best, but you will dictate how you play and the type of music you wish to use them for.

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