The images, symbols and events found during Halloween festivals

Halloween is an interesting and exciting event that occurs annually by the end of October. There are diverse claims to the true origin of the holiday but the general one is that Halloween is celebrated to commemorate the festivals of the dead in British Isles.

The origin of the word All-Halloween even was confirmed to originate from British Isles even though All-Halloween has been present in Old English. The festivities surrounding the celebration are somehow tinted, no thanks to various films adaptations of the event.

If all you know about Halloween is restricted only to what you see in Movies and read on the books, your idea of the occasion must be messed up. So for all you who think Halloween is all about wearing funny costume only and the trick-o-treating you are about to learn more enlightening things about the event.

Halloween celebrations: events in different countries

The celebration of Halloween is done in different ways nearly the tricks-o-treating, Jack-o-lanterns, haunted attractions, carving pumpkins, ghost tours, bonfires, etc. These events have its significant meaning.

For instance the Jack-o-lanterns carving resembles the souls that are held in a temporary place where their souls is undergoing cleansing form sin, this describes purgatory experience. Different countries with their own peculiar way of celebrating Halloween, for instance in Ireland and Scotland trick-o-treating is celebrated by masquerading children in costumes, who go to different houses knocking on doors to collect coins or food.

This origin of this type of Halloween event was recorded in Scotland in the late 19th century precisely 1895. Then masqueraders was said to carry turnips carved lanterns to visits people’s homes requesting for rewards like fruit, cakes and money.

In North America, the first Halloween that was recorded around 1911 through a King stondailies reported seeing children going around masquerading as something they are not. The first book in the US about Halloween was written by an American author called Ruth Kelley in the 1919.

The book was called “the book of Hallowe’en and it is said to have references to souling in one of its chapters. While on the topic about American form of Halloween celebration, it is apt to point out that the US borrowed the event’s costume from other countries directly or by adaptations!

Typical Halloween’s costume

Traditionally, the costume worn during Halloween festivals are typically modeled after spiritual beings like; beasts, angels, monsters, devils, witches, skeletons, ghosts, demons, etc. In modern adaptations you will find deviation from the normal Halloween costume to some resembling super heroes, animals, the sun, moon, etc.

The “mystic and “crazy,”idea and theme of the traditional Halloween costume, triggers a freewill inspiration to portray the crazier the better kind of attitude during Halloween costume wearing.

The masquerading during Halloween was made popular by Scotland Halloween festivals in the 19th century.

The Halloween imagery

Have you ever wondered what caused the wild imagination associated with images in Halloween festivals? Well, it will please to know that as far as images in Halloween are concerned it can be traced back to national gothic works and literature that depicts scary events; example is the Dracula, Frankenstein, mummies, etc.

During the ancient period literature were influenced by gothic representations during the Halloween, for example is John Mayne’s work influenced by pranks played in Halloween, the same also apply to the works of Robert Burns when he mentioned the paranormal events happening during the nights, he called it bogies.

These are just some works influenced by the Halloween events, it also goes to confirm that the event is mystical or what else can you say about festivals that depicts images of death, evil, occult, supernatural monsters, etc.

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