A Healthy Breakfast for a Healthy Day

Breakfast fuels your body for the duration of the day. While you do of course need to top up around lunchtime, teatime and dinner time, you can count on breakfast to start you off right and to kick-start your metabolism. In fact, if you want your metabolism to function properly you certainly need that breakfast to get things going and make sure you properly metabolise food throughout the day. But with sugary cereals so popular, what is the best way to ensure your breakfast meets all of your needs?

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Making sure you have quite an elaborate breakfast could be step one. Too many people have a tiny breakfast because it takes less time to eat and is quicker to prepare. But a tiny breakfast won’t fuel you for very long, and too often it leads to sluggishness by noontime. If time is of the essence, you could try getting up earlier, or you could prepare your breakfast every evening so that all you have to do is grab it, eat it, and get on out. If you really are pressed for time, you can pack it all up in a carrier bag and eat your breakfast during your morning commute. Whether you’re on the bus or in the car, you can easily nibble on your food. Obviously you’ll want to tailor your food to this experience; cereal and milk won’t work well whilst driving.

The types of food you eat can also make a huge difference. A lot of people eat a very carb-rich meal during breakfast, and while carbohydrates are good for slow-release energy they are often wrongly applied. Ensure that you consume wholegrain with your breakfast to keep you full for longer. There are many health benefits to eating wholegrain, and it will provide you with more energy compared to white flour. Some protein, however, would be a wonderful idea in terms of keeping you full. A cheese sandwich on wholegrain bread is an excellent idea!

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Another food you need to include is fibre; fruit or vegetables are invaluable in ensuring you have a good day. You can mix fruit into your oatmeal, or add vegetables to that cheese sandwich. In an ideal world, your breakfast will hit all the food groups and provide you with all the best components to build the ideal day.

Don’t rely on one-trick ponies like sugary cereals for your breakfast. If you take a more active role in preparing your own breakfast and ensuring you hit every foodgroup, you will notice immediate results in terms of energy levels. Isn’t that worth an extra few minutes’ work?

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