A Guide to Color Blocking

If you are a little nervous about color blocking then fear not, for we have the ultimate guide in how to pull together the brightest hues and make a great fashion impact. The good thing about color blocking is that you may even own a few color block items already, so you can easily build on this fashion statement, and if the trend ever dies down, you can mix and match the new clothes you have bought with neutral basics that will see you through several seasons. I mean. Princess Diana was ahead of this trend a good 20 years ago when she mixed an orange jacket and purple skirt together, that has since been copied by Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger. So follow our simple guide and you’ll be mastering color blocking in no time.

Try Pre Blocked Pieces

If you really have no idea of where to start with color blocking, a great way to test how they look on you is to buy pieces that are already color blocked. You’ll find a huge selection of dresses that are split into two colors; some look like a blouse and skirt combo, others have the iconic silhouette shape. When you are buying pre color blocked items, go for colors that you would naturally buy and that you know already suit you. So if you like earthy tones, keep to oranges, beiges and browns, or if you prefer brighter hues, get into neons and opt for yellows, greens and sky blues.

Get The Shape

Getting the right shape is essential when you are wearing color block clothing. The colors should do all the talking so choose nothing fussy or frilly; find solid basics in rich, saturated colors and pick smooth textured fabrics. Colorblocking has a tendency to make any ensemble look a little more casual so spice up your outfit with jazzy accessories such as contrasting belts, outlandish handbags and larger than life jewellery. Try to counteract the casual style with more classy tailored pieces and look for buttoned up shifts and blouses. The classic shapes to look for are cropped trousers, pencil skirts, silk blouses, tailored shorts, and tunic dresses.


The little extras do matter, especially if your outfit is classically shaped and could do with some pumping up and a little something to give it the wow factor. Things to add are of course, handbags, big bangles, layered necklaces, even tights and socks, but always make sure they are also in contrasting colors. So if you are wearing orange and red, get yourself a bright green bag or blue tights. It will make sense I promise you!

Choose Fool-Proof Color Combos

Pairing two similar colors, for instance, red and pink, or indigo and powder blue will always look good. If you think you can try more complicated color combos then go for mixing earth tones and neon brights, or how about pastel shades and primary colors, or pick out some contrasting jewel stone colors. If you feel it is all getting away from you then tone it down with a neutral based color cardigan, handbag or shoes.

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