A Fun Reminder Why Ice Cream is the Best Dessert In the World

There are a lot of desserts contending for the title of “most popular”, but is there one more universally loved more than ice cream? It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you were born, ice cream is beloved around the world. It can be as simple as traditional vanilla or as complicated as one of Ben and Jerry’s countless offerings. It will always be one of the most wholesome desserts connected to family times and great memories. Let’s not forget the fact that it just takes great! If you had any doubt that ice cream isn’t the best dessert in the world, the following reasons will change your mind for the better.

A Portable Treat – what other dessert can you take to the beach or have on a romantic walk? Chocolate cake might taste great, but it’s not like you can eat it while playing on the playground. Whether you have it in a small cup, in popsicle-form, or on top of a cone, there’s no other dessert that’s as portable as ice cream. The only downside is its tendency to melt, but most people finish up before that happens.

Birthday Fun – how disappointed would you be if someone brought out an apple pie for your birthday? You would expect a birthday cake wouldn’t you? Now compare that disappointment with the sheer excitement of an ice cream cake! There’s nothing better than this cake alternative that blends all of your favorite elements together. It makes birthdays more fun, and it’s a lot tastier than a boring normal cake. And even if you are having a regular cake, ice cream on the side is just the thing to go with it.

It Goes with Anything – name any two desserts and imagine eating them together. How about chocolate mousse and tiramisu? That would overwhelm your sweet tooth wouldn’t it? But now imagine any dessert and pair it with ice cream. It’s likely to be a great combination that works well together without being overpowering. The fact is ice cream is the only dessert you can put was something else with an almost 100% success rate.

Different Flavors from Around the World – there are countless flavors to try, and more coming out each year. There are creative chefs experimenting with new ingredients and coming up with fantastic results. It’s not just Ben and Jerry either, there are family-owned parlors coming out with specialized flavors all the time. And it’s not just in America, ice cream is enjoyed in one form or another across the world. Even if you think you’ve experienced every ice cream America has to offer, there are more flavors to try from Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Japan (to name just a few).

Making it is Easy – with a modern ice cream maker, it’s entirely possible to make your own favorite recipe from scratch. And it’s not as tedious as making a fresh apple pie or putting together a carrot cake. All ice cream recipes involve the same basic process of cooking custard and pouring it into a machine. Variations come in the form of different ingredients and the addition of fun extras like fruit, chocolates, marshmallows, whip cream, and cookies. Best of all, you can make a healthier version using an altered recipe and less fattening ingredients. That means you can enjoy ice cream more often without feeling guilty or gaining weight.

If all this talk about ice cream has you hungry for a big scoop of your favorite flavor, head on over to for great recipes and products to get started. If you’ve never made it before, it’s not as hard as it may seem. And once you started, you’ll be well on your way to creating new flavors that you can call your own.

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