A fine vintage: The new wine app that helps you decide what to drink

We all like to think we’re a bit of a wine buff don’t we? But finding a grape variety and a vintage you love can be a bit of a hit and miss experience.

Now a new app aims to make what can be a complicated process, if you’re looking for something a bit more than an easy drinking red to quaff on Saturday night, a whole lot easier.

Mobile wine app Vivino allows you to keep track of the wines you drink, rate them for future reference and share your favourites with others. So, if you try something you really enjoy, you can store the details to make sure you remember its name.

Explaining the idea behind the app, CEO and founder Heini Zachariasson, said: “Several years ago I was on a business trip in Seattle having dinner and had one of the best red wines I have ever tasted. I remember leaving the restaurant with a piece of paper with the name of the wine on it so I would not forget what it was.

“Back in Denmark, I tried to find the wine in several local shops and on Google but the notes I had were not good enough to identify the wine. That was when I vowed to never forget another bottle of wine again and Vivino was born.”

And, clearly investors think Vivino is on to a winner as the brand has now raised a cool $1 million in Series A financing from Creandum, a Nordic venture capital firm with an eye for a winner. The firm is known for making early investments in music streaming service Spotify, mobile payments facility iZettle and social and mobile gifting app Wrapp. And Vivino had already received seed funding during 2011 from SEED Capital and Skype co-founder Janus Friis who obviously knows a good thing when he sees it.

Vivino’s iOS and Android apps work when you take a snap with your smartphone of any wine you’re drinking, whether it’s one you’ve picked up in your local supermarket that you want to remember or a vino you’ve particularly enjoyed, but haven’t tried before, in a restaurant.

The app, which has a massive database of almost half a million wines then automatically recognises labels and will match them to its information so you can note the bottles you’ve liked and want to try again or dislike and want to avoid.

At the moment, Vivino matches around 40 per cent of the labels that come in. If it can’t match yours, it will still remember it for you. But, it will also go further. Vivino researchers look up the wine for you to find a match and then get back to you with the details, updating the Vivino database as they go so that match rate will soon go up.

You can also read wine reviews to get some tips and follow other drinkers’ Vivino activity to discover new wines which might suit your palate.

For a new start-up, the app is being well used with 100,000 downloads on an average month and users scanning around seven wine labels per month on average.

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